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#errordiary how many times a day on tab do I go from app to home screen to the same app when mean to open a different one??! #everytime

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Near miss! Wife retrieved ketchup from fridge instead of tomato purée whilst making bolognese. She noticed quickly; thankful #errordiary

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“@betabetic: #errordiary the pain team turned up+were ace: right treatment. But it took 14 days for them to come: wrong time, wrong pace.”

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@mummyvikki @westernsussex wow that’s bad 4 patients to each OPD slot! Wonder how that happened? Must be very long wait? #errordiary

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@errordiary the book Practical Patient Safety is full of #errordiary stories. Its good value!

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@doctorcaldwell Police Officer I know attended burglary in progress at No.6 Upton Rd, surrounded house, but wrong number No.6 #errordiary

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At GCP training: told researcher used wrong pen on samples. When they checked them in freezer all labels n codes had disappeared #errordiary

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@betabetic and another eSummary said patient had been discharged to both home and a rest home! #errordiary

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@betabetic same eSummary sent but patient not discharged had happened 2x in previous week, but GP not gone to see patient #errordiary

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#errordiary eSummary sent out to GP but frail patient still in hospital. GP went to visit patient, about to call police to get door opened

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@errordiary #errordiary new ward layout, confusing bed numbers 3x started telling patients wrong diagnoses. Dug out of hole by alert Juniors

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@doctorcaldwell @DatixDanCohen @DrUmeshPrabhu @janmdavis @murrayawallace @RCPLondon This v interesting #errordiary @DomFurniss

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“@DrEmilyCollins: @DrAnnaLCox Ha they call us Anna Collins and Emily Cox in this one!” #errordiary

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@DomFurniss can’t help thinking there’s a manufacturing issue there if a child can climb in… #errordiary

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US Airways apologises for explicit image sent on Twitter. They tried to flag as indecent but retweeted it #errordiary

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Train did not stop at Didcot – the poor driver had picked up the wrong diagram #errordiary

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#errordiary RT @umminazeera1: Lol “@lucytobin: Typo of the day .. via @picardonhealth”

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Called a TV commercial an ad. If a commercial is a “commercial advertisement” is it an #errordiary candidate…?!

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Man defecates on dance floor of Maidstone club The Source Bar #errordiary

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Not the first time for IVF mixup: white couple have black babies via @RN_Barrister cc @FatherFantaskis #errordiary