New error from @DomFurniss


Electric fly swat emits a high pitch when on. I hit the door so wanted to check it still works, held up to my ear, turned on. #errordiary

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@CatherineOxtoby @laura_vet @johnmeirion @VetsNow @VetDefenceSoc @VetsNowUK It’s context that’s important :-) lots…

Error from @oopsohno


FLIP IT. Half way through writing a review in the browser I pressed ⌘-R rather than ⌘-T for the new tab. REVIEW HAS DISAPPEARED. #errordiary

Error from @brifrischu


Last minute swap of tea bags. Ingwer-Lemon is not as horrible with milk as I feared #errordiary

Error from @falkowata


Instead of putting headphones on, I placed the headset on the laptop and almost put the plug into my hear :O #errordiary

Error from @falkowata


@brifrischu I sometimes accidentally use mine as a touchpad! #errordiary

Error from @brifrischu


Had to put my mobile away as I kept on trying to use it as a mouse #errordiary

Error from @annblandford


Ha! ha! #errordiary

Error from @r_sims1


#errordiary Booked taxi to take us to airport for holiday…but wrong airport!! Realised an hour later & resolved but arghhh!

Error from @brifrischu


Wondered how I could miss the bag twice when all the screws fell to the floor, just to realise that it had a hole… #errordiary

Error from @annblandford


Don’t usually take suitcase to work; it was a mistake to put it in luggage area. Too easy to forget 🙄 #errordiary

Error from @r_sims1


#30DaysWild day 29 Must remember to not walk dog through long grass in leaky shoes…. wet feet for the second day in a row #errordiary

Error from @MedsManPharm


Oops, sorry @KenCatchpole – didn’t mean to cc you on most of my thread there!

Error from @r_sims1


#errordiary that moment when you’ve got the joy of cooking a roast for 6 in this heat…& realise you forgot your parents are arriving today

Error from @DomFurniss


Cleaned my glasses after swimming. Put them on. So so blurry! But I just cleaned them?? Doh! Forgot I had contacts in. #errordiary #slip

Error from @wanimohadis


I think I had invest my time calculating my students carry mark so much,that I just try to change my TVchannel with a calculator #errordiary

Error from @ehcg


#errordiary Airline inquiry focuses on human error […] inadvertently switched off the power

Error from @brifrischu


I may have tried to scoop soft cheese out of the tub before taking the transparent lid off first #errordiary #CoffeeFirst

Error from @brifrischu


Left my lovely sandwich and fruit lunch pack on the kitchen counter. Not sure if that is a case for #errordiary or the wish for junk food.

Error from @ebuie


Email from @MD_MVA says new driver’s licenses have “cutting age” security features. Autocorrect error or human ignorance? #errordiary #fb