New error from @JoBrodie


Fab example for #Errordiary! RT @AgataStaniewicz Accidentally glued myself to a crocodile while attaching a radio transmitter #fieldworkfail

New error from @oopsohno


Typo means coupons are valid for 90 years #numberentryerror #errordiary

New error from @BrianSJ3


Britain’s worst naval disaster – culture of denial, “human error”, poor design, manufacture #errordiary

New error from @FatherFantaskis


@DomFurniss Who could put yellow letters on silver keys, so you can’t see them, then issue a parking fine if you get it wrong ? #ErrorDiary

New error from @RealQuark


New type of loose tea in tin. Usual 2 heaped spoons. Tea in bed too strong. Grumpy start to the day. #errordiary

New error from @RealQuark


Fell asleep on train. Woke at station. Leapt off when read Parkway. Was Haddenham not Warwick. Train pulls off. 2 hrs late home. #errordiary

New error from @RealQuark


Forgot to call boiler repair technician yesterday so because of weekend no hot water ’til Tuesday #errordiary

New error from @RealQuark


Opened fridge door too quickly. Badly balanced tub of cream #mistake fell to floor. Big mess. #errordiary #slip .

New error from @davidcragg


Forgot to reduce my background insulin last night to account for extra activity today. #errordiary #ourD Welcome to hypo central :/

New error from @JoBrodie


#errordiary Referred correctly to ‘Muphry’s Law’ of proofreading but wrote it as Murphy’s Law while doing so 😉

New error from @oopsohno


Having not run for a month I’m completely out of the routine so promptly forgot my water bottle this eve. Jogging: Hard mode. #errordiary

New error from @leoscato


@oopsohno haha almost, I did forget my card whilst ordering some because I was a taking a job offer call #errordiary

New error from @JoBrodie


Is this a slip error @oopsohno @DomFurniss ? (An error in execution rather than of planning) #Errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


Train driver forgot (?) it was a 12 coach train. Stopped short. Driver had to move it forward. #errordiary

Error from @alanfricker


My diary was pretty clear session was at 1pm. Schedule now says 2pm #errordiary (but who’s diary should it go in?)

Error from @iotattack


really love this short video “uninvited guests” #iot #ageing #errordiary #designfiction via conorlinehan

Error from raphv


Used a hacksaw to cut fibreboard, got stuck when board reached the frame

Error from @GristC


Realising it’s midnight and you forgot to turn your electric blanket on. #errordiary

Error from @kerastion


@sjjgo recently I’ve repeatedly tested a different spin of an app than I built and wondered why a fix hasn’t turned up in it :( #errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


20 minutes trying to debug source of double sound play… sound was playing from an old version of code in different browser. #errordiary