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@falkowata doh!!! I forgot to attach the link to my tweet #errordiary

New error from annb


I half-composed a message to a colleague, planning to send it much later. I then thought of something I needed to ask him immediately. Rather than find his original message again, I just hit ‘reply’ on the half-composed message. Which of course sent the half-composed message and the more immediate query … to myself.

New error from @falkowata


Noticed there are delays on a line I take, decided to take a different route and… automatically went to my usual station. #errordiary

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“@natalt: Disaster written all over it.” #errordiary

New error from @annblandford

2488 #errordiary

Error from @puddlelogic


Several productive (NOT!) minutes later I realise I’m waving a pretty pen (not stylus) wand-like over a bamboo tablet. D’oh! #errordiary

Error from @FaintSignals


#errordiary MT gingdottwit I lookup at my sunglasses, forgetting they are not google glass – like looking at your wrist when forgot watch

Error from @DomFurniss


Chain of errors led to hospital ‘never event’ when a doctor operated on the patient’s wrong lung #errordiary

Error from @ModusGolems


I’ve almost never had the username ‘jimi’ on a website, but for some reason I type it into log-in boxes almost every day! #errordiary

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#errordiary 68% employees expose critical corp data by mistake v @InfoSecHotSpot

Error from @BrianSJ3


#errordiary Stratford shop crash: Ex-magistrate ‘thought accelerator was brake’

Error from @FaintSignals


Man stopped car and got out as car dashboard said Fire! However it was just Adele’s song title on DAB radio #errordiary via @BBCRadio2

Error from @ErrordiaryNews


Blind in foresight, 20-20 vision in hindsight. What errors have you made this summer? #errordiary

Error from @edburton


Icon do better! Retro pixel poking game launched today for iOS for free #icondobetter #errordiary

Error from @ccidental


Man just ran over wife’s foot outside station. His 2nd error was saying “why did you put your foot in front of the wheel?” #errordiary

Error from @MedsManPharm


What kind of flawed decision-making has me wearing knee-high boots today?? #ErrorDiary ☀️☀️☀️

Error from @puddlelogic


Dear brain, taking the metropolitan line instead of Hammersmith and city @eustonsquare =longer journeys every time.eustonsquare #errordiary

Error from @kerastion


Just sat for about five seconds staring at the back of my digital camera trying to work out how to put the film in. #errordiary

Error from @betabetic


@drivendiabetic Oh. OH! That is a really good example of how ‘helpful’ tech isn’t always helpful. One for #errordiary?

Error from @falkowata


I can’t read. Expected an exhibition starting at 6pm, turned out it’s actually presentations and the event started at 7pm. #errordiary