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My granddad has these novelty tissues and continues to believe this might happen. I cannot believe it has #errordiary

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@RocheDiaUK Aviva Nano quick start guide has wrong instructions for setting clock. Full manual is OK. #errordiary

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@DrSeanMon saw you in Harborne and only remembered this tweet after I’d waved hello… #errordiary

New error from @DomFurniss


Safety & systems design: Supervisor burnt to death after being trapped in factory oven via @guardian #errordiary

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RT@mashable: U.S. President forgets his phone as he’s heading out the door: #errordiary

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Miliband: Flags tweet disrespectful. One for #errordiary but not really a #slip, #mistake or #violation?

New error from @FaintSignals


Noting a meeting in my diary. Under Tuesday I write “12.30 Tuesday” rather than 12.30 and details of the meeting :/ #errordiary

New error from @ian_wac


I put my phone in my shirt pocket but it fell on the floor.
Because this shirt doesn’t have a pocket.
#errordiary #tired #BoughtWrongShirt

New error from @DrAnnaLCox


MT @sjblakemore: rehearsing a talk by speaking into my phone while walking around and I managed to delete 5 apps with my cheek. #errordiary

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Wrote report. Added dig signature. Maybe somehow accidentally deleted report text. Saved & emailed doc => confused colleague! #errordiary

Error from @BrianSJ3


#errordiary pumping contaminated waste water into aquifers

Error from @ralanshirley


@laurenlaverne one for @errordiary #errordiary Helping us all learn from our mistakes – and fun too

Error from @futureshape


Tried to ride into the bike shed of my apartment block on a cycle hire bike. Classic capture error. #errordiary

Error from @oopsohno


Tweeted about Spotify on other acc. Twitter corrected me to spottily. A search of the word suggests others have done the same #errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


Coffee machine in work stuck in coffee producing loop. Made 5 espressos before it was switched off. I drank them. An error. #errordiary

Error from @FaintSignals


Left key in front door #errordiary. Seems more likely to happen when carrying baby or shopping -> so delay in retrieving key n forgotten

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Is the #ComentLanding hashtag one massive #errordiary? I think it’s a capture error in case you’re wondering.

Error from @JoBrodie


Spilled a glass of water on my display table at GLA / LSEF mtg, so returning to office w water-damaged magazines, oops ;) #Errordiary

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“@Slate: This Is What Happens When No One Proofreads an Academic Paper” #errordiary

Error from @Anna_bd


Spent the last half hour trying to figure out a bug in my code. Turns out I was editing the wrong file. #errordiary #ihatetheworld