About jcmiller

I provide consulting services in Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) based upon 40 years of applied research and development concerning human cognitive performance and fatigue. I've focused mainly on the measurement and analysis of human physical and cognitive performance in military and civil aviation; highway, rail and maritime transportation; and night and shift work. Operator fatigue has been at the center of my interests since my days as an Air Force pilot in the C-130E Hercules tactical transport in Vietnam. I'm the author of "Fatigue" in McGraw-Hill's Controlling Pilot Error series (2001), of the primer "Fundamentals of Shiftwork Scheduling" (2006) for use in industry and the military, and the ASIS CRISP report "Fatigue Effects and Countermeasures in 24/7 Security Operations" (2010). Specialties: -- Fatigue effects on worker productivity and risk during 24/7 work -- Fatigue effects on driver performance in 24/7 transportation operations -- Shiftwork schedule analysis and improvement -- Psychological and environmental effects on human physiology -- Fatigue associated with circadian rhythm effects -- Forensic investigations of accidents caused by fatigue, poor vigilance, lack of sleep and night work