New error from DuGwyn

I’m on the way to my friends house, in my car. I have a hands free phone set, so I call my friend to let her know I’m on my way. While the phone rings I do one of my paranoid mental checks where I silently recite the location of my valuables. Phone, money, cards… Suddenly I think, where are my car keys? My friend picks up and, trying to suppress my panic, I tell her that I don’t know where my car keys are. Being a helpful friend she starts to suggest places they might be, my pocket, the floor, maybe I left them at home? Then it hits us … I’m driving.

New error from DuGwyn

I killed my brand new £1200 laptop the first day I brought it into work by:

a) not scanning the memory pen I inserted and,
b) restarting the laptop with the memory pen still attached, then performing a hard shut down in a blind panic because the screen and touchpad started glitching.

Normally a laptop can deal with this sort of human stupidity, but since Windows 8 is only 99.9% stable at the moment, said stupidity equals RIP laptop.

Possible ways to deal with or prevent this error:

a) Don’t bring a brand new laptop into work, you’re just asking for trouble.
b) Throw said laptop out of the window or take a sledgehammer to said laptop (warning this could be damaging to the laptops health).
c) If you have Windows 8 do not take any risks with the software less you find yourself in the 0.1%. Specifically:

(i) Always scan memory pens for corrupt files, viruses and fragments.
(ii) Always remove media (memory pens and disks) before restarting or booting a laptop or computer.
(iii) Don’t hard shut down unless advised to by a computer technician.
(iv) If something goes wrong, and your laptop is still under warranty, call the computer company immediately, you may do more damage trying to fix the problem yourself.
(v) Always backup everything on your system in case you have to restore to factory settings.

I know you’ve probably heard this advice a million times, I know I have, but sods law dictates that the moment you think ‘Oh I can get away without it this time’ is the moment everything goes wrong. You have been warned!