About Dominic Furniss

I am a Human Factors researcher at UCL interested in human error, resilience strategies and public engagement.

New error from Dominic Furniss

A relative of mine was complaining on Facebook as someone had removed a key from her keyring and not put it back! This disrupted her morning so much that she openly cursed the culprit online (we thought it could have been someone else related to the restaurant she manages). She woke her husband up in the early morning hours to help. People on Facebook offered words of advice and support… A little while later she declared on Facebook that the key was on the keyring all along :)). #slip #errordiary

New error from Dominic Furniss

I looked in my bag only to find a letter that I was meant to post for someone’s birthday. I had previously given someone advice about regularly forgetting to post something when they went to shops and back on Errordiary – I said to hold it in their hand so it remains salient and so there is more likelihood of remembering. Given this I took my own advice, remembered to make a little detour and posted the letter successfully without forgetting #rsdiary

New error from Dominic Furniss

Get help from someone with more expertise, and even a fresh pair of eyes on the problem can help: I had lost some PPT slides that I need for a lecture in a few weeks time (part of a crash and back-up problem I experienced around this time last year). I thought the slides might still be on Moodle (the e-learning system we use at UCL so students can download PPT slides, etc). However, they had already been cleared/deleted. I found Moodle had an archive and had taken a snapshot. I looked there but it was blank too :(. Having the slides would save me days of work. I asked a friend who had been working on Moodle and he went to the archive and claimed to have found the slides. I looked again but they weren’t there. A little bit of wrangling later I discovered they were there but not where I expected and not where I was looking. Phew! If I hadn’t have asked I could have been working with the assumption that they could not be retrieved #rsdiary #social #expertise #freshpairofeyes

New error from Dominic Furniss

“Dear Dr Furniss
Penalty Charge Notice
Thank you for writing to us.
We have cancelled your Penalty Charge Notice after carefully considering what you say.
We agree that your Penalty Charge Notice was incorrectly issued. I am sorry for our mistake and for the inconvenience this has caused you.
Yours sincerely, X”
The parking ticket was issued at 15:20. I had paid up until 14:57. What the traffic warden didn’t notice was that my ticket was for 14:57 the next day so I was covered.

New error from Dominic Furniss

Looks like we made a boo boo on the Errordiary survey by forcing people to pick everything in the Discovery Zone – this isn’t because we wanted it to appear really popular amongst those filling out the survey, it was because the survey editor picked a matrix input option rather than a multiple choice option. Quite technical, easily done, resilience strategy is always to test test test before the big release #errordiary. Fill out the improved survey here: https://uclpsych.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8xeZIU1rs8uajUV

New error from Dominic Furniss

My girlf saw my security pass on the table, and I normally have it in my bag, “You’ll forget that if you don’t put it in your bag or your jacket now.” She was right. There is something about acting whilst you have it in mind otherwise you really run the risk of waiting and forgetting whatever it is – only to remember again when it is too late.

End of the BIG Competition

The competition is now closed for entries. It ran for 3 months (from 15th October to 6th January). We’ll be contacting the prize winners soon.

During that time we have attracted 76 new members to the Errordiary website and had in the region of 394 new posts. For further stats see the Space Shuttle EndeavErr blog, which has helped keep track of how this engagement has accumulated over the course of the competition (in a fun way).

As part of the post-competition evaluation we are:

  1. Running a survey – please take part even if you haven’t contributed to Errordiary.
  2. Running some focus groups in early February – please contact us if you are interested in participating

12th Week Flight Report – The end of the competition.

12 weeks after the launch we’ve reached the end of the competition. Thanks to everyone that has contributed! With your help Space Shuttle @EndeavErr has reached 126km!! Here’s how it breaks down – since the start of the competition we have gained:

76 newly registered members
304 #errordiary posts
90 #rsdiary posts
32 new followers to @Errordiary
9 new followers for @RS_Diary 
39 new followers for @ErrordiaryNews

Before the competition started we outlined what distances would constitute success and failure for the project. You might be pleased to know that we reached the Themosphere, which was a Success (in-between Great and Fantastic).

Thank-you for all your engagement. To finish this part of the project we will be running a follow-up survey and some focus groups in the near future – we will share our research results on Errordiary. Please register and continue to be involved. One of the engagement activities we have for 2014 includes a Student Game Design Competition – to inform people about error – the fruits of which will be featured on Errordiary’s Discovery Zone.