Error from Dominic Furniss


I recalled a friend of mine tried to record the big eclipse we had in the UK in 1999. There was loads of anticipation about this – a total eclipse – most had never seen anything like it in their lifetime and would never do so again. Such was the fever that was built up before that people were organising get togethers and parties to witness it together.

A friend of mine wanted to record this momentous occasion and so set up his video recorder in a bedroom window, pointed it at the garden, let it run and went to enjoy the experience with friends and family. It was great.

When he went to review the video for the first time he seemed to be waiting a while for the eclipse to show. He fast forwarded but nothing, rewound as he thought he must have missed it but still nothing. The whole video was just a video of his garden with no real discernible difference in light levels. Then the penny dropped… he didn’t realise that the clever design of the camera would auto-adjust for the changing light levels in the garden. The eclipse was there, it was just that the camera had auto-adjusted it out.

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