Strategy from @DrAnnaLCox


@DomFurniss write down what you do. Sellotape to back of device. #rsdiary


  1. This was added in response to a Twitter post from me which complained of having to learn all the different ways of resetting the clock times on DVD players, cookers and microwaves, etc. All a bit fiddly!

    I like the idea of having a reminder somewhere near the device; however, it’s a bit hard to sellotape the instructions to the back of a fitted cooker or microwave. Perhaps though it does suggest that we need to have the instructions in a more convenient location.

    It’s only twice a year so I guess I’ll just put up with it. The microwave was actually easy, the cooker less so: it needed two buttons to be held down simultaneously whilst pressing + and – to cycle through the minutes and the hours together (most resetting allows you to do minutes and hours separately so you don’t have to cycle through every minute to 14:55 for example).

    Extra bit: When we study devices in the home and the workplace we often see signs stuck on them to remind people how to use them, or warn them how not to use them. Have you seen any of these??

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