Error from Dominic Furniss


Funny that some stranger has organised our delivery for tomorrow! This is an excerpt from an email in response to us asking about our missing package and lack of communication:

“After some digging we’ve found out what’s happened. Unfortunately when your order was entered to the supplier, another customer’s (who ordered at the same time) contact details were inputted on to your order. Therefore, he’s been getting the text messages that were intended for you, to organise delivery. The delivery address is definitely set up as your address, so that isn’t an issue, however he has actually organised your delivery to be tomorrow. I do need to know as soon as possible if tomorrow isn’t any good for you though please?”

Reminds me of a similar mistake in hospital, made when two patients were registered at the same time and received each other’s barcode labels, this confusion nearly led to one receiving a potentially fatal dose of insulin.

McDonald, C. J. 2006. Computerization can create safety hazards: a bar-coding near miss. Annals of Internal Medicine, 144(7), 510-516.


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