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Camping. Getting ready for bed (i.e. sleeping bag). Put hand up to face to remove glasses. They’re not there. Must have taken them off while washing. Walk back to wash block. Not there. Bother: must have left them on table in pub. Too late to check now. Go back to tent; continue getting ready for bed, feeling annoyed. Worm my way into sleeping bag. Take off watch and put into (netting) pocket in tent. Oh: glasses are here! Had obviously taken them off and put them away tidily on “autopilot”…


  1. This concept of ‘autopilot’ is both fantastic and scary at the same time. Our bodies and brains are present but our minds somehow seem somewhere else. Starts to make me think of who we are and where we are when our brains and bodies are doing these things :). I recently posted on rsdiary that some people take their irons and straighteners into work because otherwise they’d worry if they had actually turned them off or not. Again, seems an example of us doing stuff but having a poor record/memory of whether we have done it or not. #autopilot

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