Despite setbacks and delays the preparations for EndeavErr are coming to a finale – we’re nearly ready for the launch. There is great anticipation as to what this rocket achieves and how far it will go!

EndeavErr’s mission is an exploratory public engagement project. Essentially it is propelled by the level of interaction on Errordiary. The more of you that join the website and the more errors and resilience strategies that you post the further and higher EndeavErr will be able to go. By contributing you will also be contributing to a dataset that is used not only for public engagement but also for teaching and research too! We hope that by engaging with the project and the website you will learn something new about human error or see it a little differently.

Over the 3 month lifespan of the shuttle’s mission we are running a competition with a grand prize fund of £900! This is to encourage you to join the website and post, so EndeavErr has more chance of success!

Table to show the Propulsion Calculation

Type of engagement Propulsion Value (in metres)
Every new member that registers to the Errordiary website 1000m
Every new post in the human error (#errordiary) stream 100m
Every new post in the resilience strategies (#rsdiary) stream 100m
Every follower to @Errordiary, @RSdiary and @ErrordiaryNews 100m

So what is our measure of success? As we stand here looking at the rocket, whilst the finishing touches are being made, it is hard to know how high it’ll go. First of all, we hope it’ll be a successful launch and we can at least get as high as a weather balloon (approx. 40km). What would really be fantastic is if we reached the Space Station but for this first launch this might be over ambitious. How high and how far EndeavErr goes partly depends on you! If you can help by participating yourself and getting colleagues, friends and family involved that’ll definitely help.

Table to show our measure of success

Target Distances Mission Outcome
Troposphere 12km Fail
Stratosphere 12-50km OK
Mesophere 50-80km Great
Themosphere 80-800km Success
Space station 330-410km Fantastic
Out of Themosphere >800km Out of this world

We’ll be keeping you updated about the launch and the mission from this blog. We expect bi-weekly reports, so stay tuned for further news! Sign-up to our newsletter and/or follow @ErrordiaryNews for the latest.