One week after the spectacular launch we’re able to bring you the first official update of Space Shuttle @EndeavErr‘s trajectory. We’ve had a flying start to the project, we have:
21 newly registered members
44 #errordiary posts
20 #rsdiary posts
8 new followers to @Errordiary
1 new follower for @RS_Diary
21 new followers for @ErrordiaryNews

Totalling all this up, and doing the conversions into Public Engagement Shuttle miles, then back again into metric units, we’ve reached a grand height of 33,100m.

It’d be good to go past the height of a weather balloon, which is about 40km (so I’ve read on Wikipedia) – who knew weather balloons even went that high?! To help propel EndeavErr we’ve created some posters/flyers to advertise the competition more widely, which can be found in the media section of the Discovery Zone. Remember there’s £900 to give away! If you haven’t registered an account on the website yet then get going: 1) you can’t win prizes without one; and 2) it propels the shuttle an extra kilometre every time someone registers!!

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