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Just done something that I’m pretty sure I do more than five times out of ten. Went to the shop with two letters sticking out of my pocket and came home with two letters sticking out of my pocket having passed the post box twice! (The post box is a 30 steps detour). As I go to the shop almost every day, ‘shop’ must take priority in my mind – even when carrying the post in my hand I often post it on the return journey! Solution? … Walk up to the post box every time I go to the shop – with or without post. I wont do that or I’ll be viewed as a village loony even more than normal!


  1. I have similar issues… often when I need to post a LoveFilm back and I put it in my bag to post on the way to work. There the DVD stays for days as I ferry it back and forth to work, forgetting to post it day after day. Rather than changing routine in a big way I think the major issue is salience… if I am determined to post it then I won’t put the DVD in my bag but keep it in my hand so I have more chance of noticing it and remembering to post it. Not fool proof as I can attest to. :) #rsdiary

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