Error from TonyMann


At Tesco, one puts coin into the end trolley to remove the chain connecting it to the previous trolley in the stack.  On a couple of occasions recently I have put the coin into that previous trolley expecting it to release the trolley I want.


  1. The trolley you refer to must have a slot for the coins and a slot for the chain mechanism. I can definitely see why one would do this as your focus is on detaching it from the trolley in front of the one you want.

    At first, I wondered what you meant as most of the trolleys I recall have a single slot for the chain mechanism and the pound coin – with this design the pound coin appears to push the chain mechanism out of the previous trolley. Also, the only option is to insert a coin into the end trolley, because none of the other trolleys have a spare slot – they all have chain mechanisms in them. This nicely shows how design can impact the potential for error.

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