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#rsdiary MT @JoBrodie: :) RT @annakingradio: What my daughter left in case I forgot to pick her up … (Again)

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RT @RS_Diary: #Rsdiary RT @traumagasdoc Top Ten Commandments for the safe administration of drugs:
#TGDed #drugerror

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#Rsdiary MT @kathrynschulz My phone alarm is going off. What on earth was I supposed to do at 8:20? Zero idea. So that strategy didn’t work.

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Dad set alarm for 4.30am to pick me up from airport #rsdiary Forgot to reset it after & ended up super early for work next day #errordiary

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#Rsdiary MT @scsharples 1st drama of #EHF2014 – lost bag – now found :-) will have to work out a way to label bag to avoid future muddle

Strategy from @DomFurniss

Summer watch! #rsdiary RT @annabb02: My clever Mum got her spare watch out of a drawer yesterday – all ready for British summer time! :-)

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Social media reminders support avoidance of error #rsdiary RT @davidcragg: Have you changed the time on all your diabetes equipment? #ourD

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RT @DrGrumble: I pretend to use my stethoscope to have a bit of peace for thinking on the round #rsdiary

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Friend creates a new contact on her phone to help remember different passwords #rsdiary #password

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Mum just advised son to pick a bottle from the bottom of vending machine so less distance to fall n split! #rsdiary

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@timesulin I have a pendiq! (Timesulin is brill). I should have set an alarm on my phone when I decided to delay insulin injection. #rsdiary

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#RSdiary MT @trainingcarers If someone can’t pair socks any more-buy ALL THE SAME SOCKS or wear odd socks! #dementia

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#RSdiary MT @trainingcarers Mum’s TV remote control more #dementia friendly & in her fave colour

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#rsdiary MT @MedsManPharm MT “@jez_tong: Proper cross check is: “what is this I’m handing you?”, not “this is 1% lignocaine” #humanfactors”

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


I looked in my bag only to find a letter that I was meant to post for someone’s birthday. I had previously given someone advice about regularly forgetting to post something when they went to shops and back on Errordiary – I said to hold it in their hand so it remains salient and so there is more likelihood of remembering. Given this I took my own advice, remembered to make a little detour and posted the letter successfully without forgetting #rsdiary

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Written note on hand “plug” to remember to bring travel adaptor for the next day #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @oopsohno: Mother is getting used to leaving reminders on her phone.

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By using #rsdiary we capture error avoidance strategies so people can actively reduce the likelihood of error #WeExpo

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RT @RS_Diary: MT @BioInFocus If you’re linking a PDF, you can specify exact page you want to land on by adding “#page=XX” after .pdf in the…

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RT @falkowata: @FaintSignals @errordiary That’s why I always have an emergency credit card in my pocket! I need it surprisingly often. #rsd…