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Girlf misplaces her iPhone. I call it so we can locate it #rsdiary. She lost her iPad n made it sound from her iPhone (designed-in feature)

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RT @ccidental: #rsdiary

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Thank-you for this #rsdiary #knowledgebasederror RT @PCMag Remove Word’s Pesky Horizontal Line

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#rsdiary MT @davidcragg: if the number doesn’t match my expectations I usually do another one on a different finger just to be sure #ourD

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Having got up to get the door for the tenth time, I have put on headphones, so people looking through will assume that I can’t hear them knocking. Sorry guys, it was getting silly. I’m not a doorman.

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#rsdiary MT @anniecoops: Ah! Reminder just gone off on phone to change pump. Going to do it even tho wud last till tomorrow #diabetes #ourD

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Was speaking to a chap yesterday who told me one of the motivations for choosing where to live was that he wanted to be at the end of a train line- because he always ends up falling asleep on trains and wanted to avoid the dreaded ‘waking up miles past your stop’ scenario

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Interesting #rsdiary: a husband/wife metaphor to help clinicians understand different types of heart block

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RT @hiljackson Top #rsdiary b4 my eye op at Moorfields the other week: doc penned an arrow above my right eye and we avoided the #ErrorDiary

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One Xmas I wrote ‘In here’ n ‘Out here’ on a box for a game’s question cards #rsdiary . Now designed in:

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The number of times I have put on the jeans wash rather than the spin cycle has forced me to come up with a high te…

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“Why countdown clocks for pedestrians actually cause more car crashes” #errordiary #rsdiary

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Parked in an unfamiliar bit of london today. Downloaded a ‘car finder’ mobile app to save myself from my (lack of) memory #rsdiary

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#rsdiary :)) RT @annabb02: @r_sims1 I’ve done that a few times in the hospital car park (not for hours though!). Always note a landmark now

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Resilience built in #rsdiary #anothersetofeyes #check

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Girlf stuck sticker on the inside of the front door to remind herself of things not to forget for work on Monday #rsdiary

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Colleague didn’t bring his reading glasses for dinner so asked if someone could read the options for him. I took a…

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@LovedayBrooke There’s also #rsdiary (resilience diary) where we collect people’s strategies for preventing errors.