Strategy from @sjjgo


Kept forgetting a bottle of whisky I’d picked up for a colleague. Left it in front of the door yesterday – couldn’t miss it! #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


I opened the Muller Rice away from me – I learnt this through many yoghurt spillages #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


. @RS_Diary Reminds me: medics & clinicians leave sample stickers on doors of patient rooms to recall what’s needed on entering #rsdiary

Strategy from @hqmulerrors


A friend tries two keys or either one or two of two door locks even though knows already which one opens which? #rsdiary

Strategy from @hqmulerrors


Relying on the fact that google themselves apparently uses googledocs extensively as resilience against partial/total loss of data

Strategy from @hqmulerrors


Making sure to put important random thoughts in a document almost guaranteed to be revised in the near future. #rsdiary

Strategy from @hqmulerrors


Using inline comments to supplement my memory (as opposed to proper ‘external comments’) #rsdiary

Strategy from @hqmulerrors


Using comments in Googledocs to supplement my memory. #rsdiary

Strategy from @oopsohno


MS Word is crashing a lot. I take a photo of the screen before force quitting so I can retype what I will inevitably lose #rsdiary

Strategy from @hqmulerrors


Relying on further email replies to prompt further action? :) #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Van driver didn’t see me on zebra crossing. Check other’s vigilance when you’re relying on it – especially drivers #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


B&B manager has colour coded the keys – red, amber n green are the 3 keys needed to get successively closer to bed #rsdiary

Strategy from @JoBrodie


I always forget where Thunderbird’s attach option is so I type ‘attach’ which activates the ‘did you mean to attach?’ option :) #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


I suggested this as a resilience strategy for #rsdiary – someone had same idea n selling artefact to support it

Strategy from @happyblob


Going to start using MS on{X} – incase I forget to leave the umbrella by the door, or note my parking space #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Driver announces this train is for Brussels, one opposite for Paris. Better disambiguation strategy wud b different times/platform #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Train conductor just announced if you’re felling sleepy and might miss your stop set your phone alarm and… n… #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Girlf put a note on the front door to remind her not to forget X and Y in fridge before leaving. Non-fridge stuff packed yesterday #rsdiary

Strategy from @mhilde


Dial 0 for outside line, 9 for switchboard. Or is it the other way around? Problem solved -> see pic. #rsdiary

Strategy from @oopsohno


Don’t book restaurants on the hour (19.05 rather than 19.00) to stop your table for 8 at 6pm turning into a table for 6 at 8pm #rsdiary