Strategy from @RS_Diary


.@DomFurniss Seasoned commuter recommends dangling the strap from the parcel shelf so it’s in your field of vision, so more salient #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Had problems with my out of office reply and being confident it’s on. Just sent an email to myself from personal account to check #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Colleague “Oops! Nearly put permanent marker on white board.” Me “Best not to keep it in same area as that’s asking for trouble.” #rsdiary

Strategy from @rs_diary


Thinking of putting plastic bag in washing basket to separate new ‘wash cold’ jumpers early in process #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Did my regular 4 point check before leaving the house so I do not forget keys, wallet, phone and travel pass #rsdiary

Strategy from Sarah Renouf


My dad and I are kind of sad and try and beat each other to saying pinch punch first of the month first on the first of each month. Of course, being the younger one with the superior memory, I virtually always win. He says he remembers earlier in the evening but forgets by the time midnight comes around – I think my dad needs a strategy to help him remember!

Strategy from @DomFurniss

Summer watch! #rsdiary RT @annabb02: My clever Mum got her spare watch out of a drawer yesterday – all ready for British summer time! :-)

Strategy from @jonback


@sjjgo: .@sig_chi Ah, the old PCS observer effect. Where are we at? Best create another fake submission! #rsdiary

Strategy from @davidcragg


Day 5: Diabetes Life Hacks #ourD #Dblog #DBlogWeek //cc @DomFurniss #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Friend takes a screen shot of her order confirmation page when she makes purchases on iPad cos she can’t print #rsdiary

Strategy from @JulzRasmussen


Sorry Dom, made me smile @RS_Diary @DrGrumble: I pretend to use my stethoscope to have a bit of peace for thinking on the round #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Coloured key tags for disambiguation strategies – so you don’t confuse similar keys #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Check you have all and only those bits needed for a patient’s treatment before you start it for better error monitoring #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Going on a work trip: I’m letting some things slip on my to-do list so I get key things done before I leave #rsdiary #prioritising

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


To help me find people on my iPhone I put a little ‘<' in front of names of people who I use for services, e.g. plumbers, roofers, garage, taxi numbers - this means that they don't get mixed in with my friends and I can easily find them too because they all appear together. #rsdiary #phone #iphone #appropriation

Strategy from @RS_Diary


As a rule don’t send work emails after drinking on a work night out #rsdiary #oops

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Apollo 13 example of appropriation strategy as they invent a filter to fit a square peg in a round hole #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


@anniecoops Yes definitely. Think/Hope #rsdiary strategies empower people to avoid errors + manage things better to suit themselves

Strategy from @DomFurniss


.@OurDiabetes are doing a tweet chat tomorrow at 8pm. I didn’t want to forget it so set my phone alarm for 19:55 #rsdiary #ourD

Strategy from @DomFurniss


#rsdiary MT @RareToWellDone Pts who need help eating, or just close monitoring, are given food on a red tray so it’s obvious to all HCPs