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#rsdiary MT @conquestfrca: Fav #EZDrugID ideas so far
Standardised packaging
Red syringe for muscle r/xers
Coloured infusion lines 1/2

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#RSdiary MT @trainingcarers Mum’s TV remote control more #dementia friendly & in her fave colour

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“@ValaAfshar: Ideal error message — via @elitetruong #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT @conquestfrca: Fav #EZDrugID ideas so far
Label bottle tops
Organised storage 2/2

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@r_sims1 For less frequent carparking e.g. airport, I use the parking ticket to write down bus stop, area and row to save losing it #rsdiary

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#Rsdiary MT @BaltimorePolice Deter burglars. When leaving home – remember to lock doors & windows. Also good idea to leave a light on.

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Some nurses on some wards use green strips around the bed once cleaned to indicate it has been cleaned & green tape around the commode to show this has been cleaned.

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We’re mixed feeding our baby which means breastfeeding and making lots of bottles. The routine of making formula feeds means your attention easily wanders. On a few occasions I have forgotten how many scoops of formula I have put into the bottle mid-way through making a feed. A resilience strategy that I have adopted to reduce the likelihood of this error is counting out the scoops loudly. This seems to hold my attention and makes me more likely to register each scoop by number #rsdiary #babybrain

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RT @davidcragg: Day 5: Diabetes Life Hacks #ourD #Dblog #DBlogWeek //cc @DomFurniss #rsdiary

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RT @RS_Diary: MT @BioInFocus If you’re linking a PDF, you can specify exact page you want to land on by adding “#page=XX” after .pdf in the…

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#rsdiary RT @perform:

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@OurDiabetes Community reminders about pump clocks in Twittersphere :)). Also, nice mnemonic: ‘spring forward’ & ‘fall back’ #rsdiary #ourD

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DIY website on changing an oven element: “Take a photo on your phone to remember the way the wires go (idiot proof the job)…” #rsdiary

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Friend’s baby just started to crawl. She’s asked her FB friends for advice on baby proofing house. LOADS of suggestions! #rsdiary

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MT “@trishgreenhalgh: resilient action by receptionists protects patient safety in general practice #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @r_sims1: @HFmatters Thanks, might count rows as walk from car to building then text that to myself :) at least gets me to row!

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Coloured key tags for disambiguation strategies – so you don’t confuse similar keys #rsdiary

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RT @DomFurniss: Clinicians should repeat back requests like people do when ordering Chinese takeaways (error prevention) #rsdiary @doctorca…

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RT @DomFurniss: #rsdiary MT @conquestfrca: Fav #EZDrugID ideas so far
Standardised packaging
Red syringe for muscle r/xers
Coloured infusio…

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I immediately photograph all important receipts & email them to myself with the title ‘receipt – category – thing’ #rsdiary @humansindesign