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“@ChrisPoskitt: @oopsohno luckily our mailing list bounces any emails from non-ETH addresses. #safe” #rsdiary solution for my previous tweet

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


To help me find people on my iPhone I put a little ‘<' in front of names of people who I use for services, e.g. plumbers, roofers, garage, taxi numbers - this means that they don't get mixed in with my friends and I can easily find them too because they all appear together. #rsdiary #phone #iphone #appropriation

Strategy from @jonback


The Key To Never Forgetting Your iPhone's Charging Cable #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @perform:

Strategy from @RS_Diary


#rsdiary classic: double checked my jeans’ pockets were empty before putting the washing machine on

Strategy from @DomFurniss


I’m going to stop using my phone to tweet to #rsdiary now as I’ve seen I’ve just got less than half of my battery power to last all day

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#rsdiary RT @oopsohno: Mother is getting used to leaving reminders on her phone.

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#rsdiary MT @davidcragg: if the number doesn’t match my expectations I usually do another one on a different finger just to be sure #ourD

Strategy from @DomFurniss


@r_sims1 I’ve heard of people doing similar when dismantling a gadget or something, so they can see how it came apart step by step #rsdiary

Strategy from @A_Nemere


#rsdiary forgot to issue the book before going out of the library. almost got fined for an attempt steal. was it a post-completion error?

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RT @sjjgo: Leaving my keys on top of my laptop so that I can’t leave without them. #RSdiary

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DIY website on changing an oven element: “Take a photo on your phone to remember the way the wires go (idiot proof the job)…” #rsdiary

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#Rsdiary MT @dourish: Fixing the blast of the air conditioning by icing down the thermostat… #ethnet

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RT @JoBrodie: Unusual resilience strategy – noting that the hum of yr fridge changes when electricity meter needs feeding!

Strategy from @FaintSignals


So so close to booking an expensive hotel in March when it was meant to be February. The final check before I hit confirm saved me #rsdiary

Strategy from Gmailabi

Everytime I have the urge to say ‘like’, I put it in my mind to swear instead – like the F**k or S**t. But because I don’t want to swear in front of people, I stop altogether. Weirdly enough, it kind of works :)

Strategy from JDay

Added RSDiary to my bookmarks bar to remind myself to post more :-)

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#あんずの里アグリパーク #RSdiary

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@DomFurniss A pack of resilience strategies 😉 #rsdiary

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RT @r_sims1: “@jess_jacobs: Made stickers for IV tubing to remind staff it’s a central line. @little_bytes” #rsdiary