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Girlf now leaves cupboard door containing washing machine open when it has a load in. To reduce forgetting washed wet clothes #rsdiary

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RT @brendanogrady: @pdoddydodd @DomFurniss another technique: wear a “Wake Me at [PLACE]” Tshirt #rsdiary

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RT @rs_diary: If feeling tired on commuter train home set alarm for expected arrival time so it wakes you up #rsdiary cc @pdoddydodd

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If feeling tired on train another strategy others have recommended is standing so you can’t fall asleep #rsdiary cc @pdoddydodd

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If feeling tired on commuter train home set alarm for expected arrival time so it wakes you up #rsdiary cc @pdoddydodd

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Whenever I write a new #errordiary tweet, I type in the hashtag first, to make sure I don’t forget it. #rsdiary

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RT @JoBrodie: Diabetes disaster averted #47: mixed insulin dosages lost in translation strategy identified

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Before booking a flight I always get someone else to check the details, in fear of accidentally booking the wrong date or airport #rsdiary

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Colleague “Oops! Nearly put permanent marker on white board.” Me “Best not to keep it in same area as that’s asking for trouble.” #rsdiary

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I don’t use all screen washing fluid or tea bags when refilling. So when they run out I have a reserve and am reminded to get more #rsdiary

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Girlf n I both forget to use Nectar card with Amazon site. Now plan to set up fake deliv address called Nectar as a cue in process #rsdiary

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Have an iPhone charger cable at home AND at work. Useful for when I (or colleagues) forget to charge at home #rsdiary

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RT @MariaJeanDotCom: Yikes! I keep forgetting that I have a dr appt tomorrow morning. Time to set a reminder alarm. #babybrain #rsdiary

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Yoghurts had a habit of spurtin on me. Worked out it’s a combination of pressure on lid n small hole. I now open them away from me #rsdiary

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RT @emmaboakes When showering dont think about doing a facial scrub as you pour out ur shampoo. Unless you want to shampoo ur face #rsdiary

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RT @errordiary At home, put battery in bike basket so I would take it to work. Then decided to walk & forgot battery #errordiary #rsdiary

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A favourite resilience strategy: nuclear power plant operator used a paperclip to bookmark his place in procedures #rsdiary #profilepicidea

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Before going to [place] the other weekend girlf wrote down directions on paper n said, “You can’t always rely on the SatNav” #rsdiary

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When checking tyre pressures I hold dust caps (things on valves) in hand until replacing them. Left many at petrol station before #rsdiary

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Guy at work reported he hits reply to email, then deletes address, n only re-enters when happy with email so it’s not premature #rsdiary