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When fast forwarding thru TV adverts don’t #overshoot. Stop when future programmes are advertised, adjacent to show starting again #rsdiary

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RT @jonback: Man who was lost in the woods chopped down some power lines to draw attention #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT @RareToWellDone Pts who need help eating, or just close monitoring, are given food on a red tray so it’s obvious to all HCPs

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Another clever mnemonic for changing clocks for day light saving time #rsdiary RT @DrAnnaLCox: @RS_Diary and in autumn they FALL back.

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Relying on further email replies to prompt further action? :) #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @perform:

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Morning refresher course on availability heuristic – check. #rsdiary

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Leave son’s asthma preventer inhaler in breakfast bowls so he always remembers to use it in the morning

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Man who was lost in the woods chopped down some power lines to draw attention #rsdiary

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I’m a French student and I study English. I always confuse when hearing 5 and 6. I don’t know why because obviously they sound differently. No matter. I try to link a sound with a movement of the hand and to automate the process. For 5 and its derivatives I open my hand with my fingers unfolded like 5 for the five fingers of my hand. For 6 and its derivatives, I fold the thumb and the index to shape a 6. It works fine

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RT @DomFurniss: #errordiary #rsdiary RT @lzipperer: #MedErrors “A Pharmacist’s Tale” — John Karwoski #medicationsafe…

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We just got back from a shopping trip to Sainsburys and for the first time ever we remembered to use our vouchers! This was more luck than judgement as we were reusing our ‘bag for life’ and they were at the bottom. We explained to the checkout lady that we always forget – we get given loads of vouchers and they just go out of date because we never remember to use them. She said that some people wrap their vouchers around their nectar card, so when they go to use their nectar card at the end of the shop they have the vouchers there to use. Not sure we’ll bother to do this but a nice resilience strategy, nice of the checkout lady to share it, and it’s obviously a problem that a lot of people have. #rsdiary

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@DomFurniss #rsdiary am going to continue to set reminders to see if i can improve accidental poor compliance :) #ourD

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@sjjgo: .@sig_chi Ah, the old PCS observer effect. Where are we at? Best create another fake submission! #rsdiary

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“@ValaAfshar: Ideal error message — via @elitetruong #rsdiary

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#rsdiary #storm2013 MT @Nonam212: Garden cleared, torches, matches & candles at the ready, goodies bought, iPad and phone fully charged.

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RT @oopsohno: Much as you test you can’t open a door after locking, I try to turn on my straighteners after turning off at the wall to make…

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RT @DomFurniss: Emergency healthcare team have big coloured badges so they know who is in what role #rsdiary #differentiation

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FB friend: first rule of back packing is always carry toilet paper, second rule is always carry toilet paper, third rule… #rsdiary

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I looked in my bag only to find a letter that I was meant to post for someone’s birthday. I had previously given someone advice about regularly forgetting to post something when they went to shops and back on Errordiary – I said to hold it in their hand so it remains salient and so there is more likelihood of remembering. Given this I took my own advice, remembered to make a little detour and posted the letter successfully without forgetting #rsdiary