Strategy from @oopsohno


Bought a reduced item. To stop someone scanning the old barcode, they stick a sticker over it. #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


When travelling by train I put things on the luggage rack slightly in front of me rather than directly above my head #easiertosee #rsdiary

Strategy from @FaintSignals


So so close to booking an expensive hotel in March when it was meant to be February. The final check before I hit confirm saved me #rsdiary

Strategy from @ErrordiaryNews


Part of #failbetter could be learning from error (see #errordiary) and creating resilience strategies (see #rsdiary)

Strategy from @DomFurniss


@DrAnnaLCox Consider yourself resilienced RE: omission of @oopsohno in email thread. Error discovered in team member chat #social #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


I’ve just been resilienced by @DrAnnaLCox! My handout on Moodle was invisible to students (in error) she made it visible. #rsdiary #social

Strategy from @FaintSignals


#RSDiary MT @ant3169 Top Tip: if your committing crime & dont want to be caught, don’t leave your store loyalty card behind! #SchoolBoyError

Strategy from @RS_Diary


RT @JoBrodie: Unusual resilience strategy – noting that the hum of yr fridge changes when electricity meter needs feeding!

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


Get help from someone with more expertise, and even a fresh pair of eyes on the problem can help: I had lost some PPT slides that I need for a lecture in a few weeks time (part of a crash and back-up problem I experienced around this time last year). I thought the slides might still be on Moodle (the e-learning system we use at UCL so students can download PPT slides, etc). However, they had already been cleared/deleted. I found Moodle had an archive and had taken a snapshot. I looked there but it was blank too :(. Having the slides would save me days of work. I asked a friend who had been working on Moodle and he went to the archive and claimed to have found the slides. I looked again but they weren’t there. A little bit of wrangling later I discovered they were there but not where I expected and not where I was looking. Phew! If I hadn’t have asked I could have been working with the assumption that they could not be retrieved #rsdiary #social #expertise #freshpairofeyes

Strategy from @DomFurniss


#Rsdiary #precommitmentcheck RT @BBCAutumnwatch Top tip from Iolo try out a few pairs of binoculars before you buy #Birdwatch

Strategy from @DomFurniss


#Rsdiary MT @AgencyNurse Wearing new shoes for my late shift … They feel comfy but have a feeling should take my old pair #justincase :-

Strategy from @godd4rd


Sweet! There is an #errordiary for when things go wrong and #rsdiary (resilience) for giving people tips on how to make things go right.

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Check bg and retest if numbers seem odd #rsdiary RT @betabetic #doc #errordiary 2 tests: left hand 6.8 mmol/L …right hand 3.1 mmol/L WHAT?

Strategy from @FatherFantaskis


Keep a box with a single tic-tac in your pocket. Irritating rattle reminds me to take my tablets #rsdiary

Strategy from @FatherFantaskis


After forgetting the rail book reference so often, I always use the “text me” service so I can retrieve them from ticket machine #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


#rsdiary MT @davidcragg When travelling between hotels I take yellow stickies to remind me not to leave insulin in the in-room fridge #ourd

Strategy from @JoBrodie


Unusual resilience strategy – noting that the hum of yr fridge changes when electricity meter needs feeding! #rsdiary

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


If you’re going to send a potentially controversial email, or just wondering about whether to send it or not, it’s good to leave it as a draft for a couple of days, then reread and decide whether it’s still a good idea when you’re in a different mood. #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


#rsdiary MT @paullewismoney To file tax online go to DON’T do internet search that puts fake sites top (£ for little)

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Partner gets #hsbc credit n debit cards confused, cos they look so similar, thinking of putting stickers on them #rsdiary #differentiation