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RT @maccabeem: Never enter the kitchen empty-handed. And 10 other super deluxe productivity hacks. #rsdiary

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Breaking in Birthday Shoes

It was my birthday yesterday and I was pleased to get a new pair of shoes. I set off for work wearing them with pride, admiring them with each stride… but 20mins later I had arrived at the station and they were really rubbing the backs of my heels. By the time I got into work I was hobbling around. I thought next time I wear a pair of new shoes on a long journey I’ll bring a back up comfy pair to change into just in case (1st strategy). A colleague said that she puts on five pairs of socks, then her new shoes, and then gives it a good dose of hot air from the hairdryer – apparently this breaks them in faster (2nd strategy). Anyone else got more tips here? #shoes

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Resilience door mats… reminder to turn off your #straighteners #rsdiary

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@sjjgo: .@sig_chi Ah, the old PCS observer effect. Where are we at? Best create another fake submission! #rsdiary

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Resilience strategy – creating a ‘placebo’ bus stop for patients with dementia #rsdiary

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Trying to make sure we’re using steriliser effectively so we have at least one clean bottle available for crying baby #rsdiary #bigtrouble

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Colleague didn’t bring his reading glasses for dinner so asked if someone could read the options for him. I took a…

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Picking up girlf from work later. She wanted me to bring three things when I met her. I’ve collected these and put them by the door so I don’t forget. #rsdiary

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I wear my security pass round my neck at work as I’ve forgotten it a couple of times when leaving office n couldn’t get back in #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Mother-in-law forgot pills twice now. Needed in morning. She’s now put them near the kettle so reminded in the morning #rsdiary

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RT @hiljackson Top #rsdiary b4 my eye op at Moorfields the other week: doc penned an arrow above my right eye and we avoided the #ErrorDiary

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Going on a work trip: I brain storm a list of things to pack (I put socks n pants at top of the list as I forgot these once) #rsdiary

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Partner gets #hsbc credit n debit cards confused, cos they look so similar, thinking of putting stickers on them #rsdiary #differentiation

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This would be needed for all health professions in scrub uniforms #rsdiary

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How to remember NOT to lose your phone when you’re in the pub – keep looking for it after every drink!

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Hair dryer left on floor plug facing up. I tidy it away, with delay, otherwise I’d forget n prob step on the plug – ouch #rsdiary

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I’ve put my tripod case on top of my coat on the parcel shelf of the train so I won’t forget it #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @trishgreenhalgh: Reduce your baby’s chance of developing allergies: suck its dummy

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Partner asked me to recall something tonight. Fearing failure I brought said thing downstairs n put it on dining table #rsdiary

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Whenever I write a new #errordiary tweet, I type in the hashtag first, to make sure I don’t forget it. #rsdiary