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Resilience door mats… reminder to turn off your #straighteners #rsdiary

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From FB person: For forgetful people like me, I have a dream tip that may help. I plug my straighteners into a two plug extension cord; in the other plug is a lamp. When I plug the extension cord in to switch on my straighteners, it also turns on the lamp. When I leave the room I always notice if the lamp is left on therefore know I have also left straighteners plugged in. Hope that helps someone else as well. #rsdiary #straighteners

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#rsdiary @falkowata RT @ukiehf: Text messaging service ‘helps people take their pills’

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#rsdiary #appropriation RT @_youhadonejob: It gets a bit cold in Canada in the winter.

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Appropriating ‘allday events’ to help manage tasks in iCal #rsdiary

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Extra cues #rsdiary RT “@NicholasChrimes: Nice extra cue to help prevent drug error.


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Set reminder on phone for 11.30am Monday, @JoBrodie asked for reminder nxt wk about changes to @chi_med website – so I don’t forget #rsdiary

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We’re mixed feeding our baby which means breastfeeding and making lots of bottles. The routine of making formula feeds means your attention easily wanders. On a few occasions I have forgotten how many scoops of formula I have put into the bottle mid-way through making a feed. A resilience strategy that I have adopted to reduce the likelihood of this error is counting out the scoops loudly. This seems to hold my attention and makes me more likely to register each scoop by number #rsdiary #babybrain

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“@DrPALaloe:”Bad things happen. It’s how you respond that counts.”#BounceBack #rsdiary via @HaydenJacky #FMLMNorth” 1 of my faves of the day

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RT @DrPALaloe: “Bad things happen. It’s how you respond that counts.” #BounceBack #rsdiary via @HaydenJacky #FMLMNorth

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RT @DrPALaloe: “Bad things happen. It’s how you respond that counts.” #BounceBack #rsdiary via @HaydenJacky #FMLMNorth

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Trying to make sure we’re using steriliser effectively so we have at least one clean bottle available for crying baby #rsdiary #bigtrouble

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“Bad things happen. It’s how you respond that counts.” #BounceBack #rsdiary via @HaydenJacky #FMLMNorth

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Apple disabling glucose measurements as a potential #rsdiary strategy to prevent error with differing units

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RT @DrPALaloe: MT @anaestheticdoc “So if you wanna pay your car tax but can’t cause the DVLA site has crashed, do it in welsh. works fine!”…

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Set phone alarm at 9.50pm last night. It sent off. I wondered why. Then recalled it was to remind me to bring my audio recorder in #rsdiary

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Sainsbury’s Olive Snack Pot only has use by date on one pot! Wife suggested we use this last to keep info #rsdiary

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Organising meeting 3-5pm in March, about to send email on workshop this week 12-3pm. Got times mixed. Check saved me before sending #rsdiary

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RT @DrPALaloe: #rsdiary To reduce transcription errors: write drug infusion rate in the same order that they are on the drip stand. http://…

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@DrAnnaLCox #rsdiary Such a great hashtag. Thanks for introducing it to me.