Strategy from @CSimpson019


I get my pump supplies delivered to my grandparents so I know there’ll always be someone there to receive them #rsdiary #diabetes

Strategy from @DomFurniss


#rsdiary for remembering vouchers at the till RT @ixdStudio: @DomFurniss I keep them in my wallet and remember them when I go to pay.

Strategy from @DrPALaloe


MT @anaestheticdoc “So if you wanna pay your car tax but can’t cause the DVLA site has crashed, do it in welsh. works fine!” #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


@r_sims1 I’ve heard of people doing similar when dismantling a gadget or something, so they can see how it came apart step by step #rsdiary

Strategy from @FaintSignals


#RSDiary MT @ant3169 Top Tip: if your committing crime & dont want to be caught, don’t leave your store loyalty card behind! #SchoolBoyError

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#rsdiary RT @anneohirsch Great tip from @madsesmith: download French dictionary for Google Translate app for offline use in Paris #chi2013

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If feeling tired on train another strategy others have recommended is standing so you can’t fall asleep #rsdiary cc @pdoddydodd

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BBC Two – Horizon, 2013-2014, How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery includes some good resilient strategies #rsdiary

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Check you have all and only those bits for assembling an IKEA flat pack before you start it for better error monitoring #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


RT @errordiary At home, put battery in bike basket so I would take it to work. Then decided to walk & forgot battery #errordiary #rsdiary

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I wet myself after the office Christmas party #caughtshort #fail Don’t miss opportunity to wee if needed #rsdiary

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#rsdiary #storm2013 RT @JoBrodie: Storm sounds a bit serious. Might bring my empty milk bottles back in again then.

Strategy from @RS_Diary


From FB friend: More haste less speed, ne’er a truer word spoken #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Going on a work trip: set a new alarm to get up earlier to catch flight, breaking the usual routine #rsdiary

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Called my girlf to bring lunch to station before I left (forgotten at home). Great recovery. #rsdiary #social #teamwork #link2res234

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Using inline comments to supplement my memory (as opposed to proper ‘external comments’) #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


BBC reported BA were amongst few airlines avoiding Ukrainian airspace even tho declared safe above 30k #MH17 #rsdiary

Strategy from @oopsohno


Keep forgetting to use Boots gift card. Put it next to Boots Advantage card in purse so I’ll remember now. Hopefully. #rsdiary

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New post by #errordiary via twitter: Test#rsdiary #rsdiary

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Watching countryfile: children mark drains to rivers with spraycan fish, so not confused with sewage drain #rsdiary #disambiguationstrategy