Strategy from @DomFurniss


I suggested this as a resilience strategy for #rsdiary – someone had same idea n selling artefact to support it

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


Just done the remainder of our Christmas food shop. There were a lot of non-routine items to collect, and the quantity of stuff also stretched the brain cells. Given this added complexity having a shopping list and crossing things off it once it was collected made trying to keep track of the task much easier. Also, reduced likelihood of forgetting something. #rsdiary #list #shopping #christmas

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Fond memories introducing people to the idea of Resilience Strategies using a #FrayBentos pie as a prop: #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


#rsdiary MT @traumagasdoc: Don’t just say “crash section”. Use the caregorisation system for caesarians – it conveys level of urgency #TGDed

Strategy from @jonback


Man who was lost in the woods chopped down some power lines to draw attention #rsdiary

Strategy from @DomFurniss


I’m not at #chi2015, but keeping a note of interesting papers (referred to in Twitter stream) to lookup later #rsdiary

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RT @swelldiabetes: @RS_Diary See an issue & walk by, you condone poor practice. Zero tolerance to errors #rsdiary But needs @TobyLewis_SWBH…

Strategy from @jonback


RT @DrGrumble: I pretend to use my stethoscope to have a bit of peace for thinking on the round #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Colleague “Oops! Nearly put permanent marker on white board.” Me “Best not to keep it in same area as that’s asking for trouble.” #rsdiary

Strategy from @JoBrodie


UtilityCo used plastic owl to scare squirrels (#rsdiary) but the owl was attacked by a hawk, which caused a substation outage (#errordiary)

Strategy from @RS_Diary


DIY website on changing an oven element: “Take a photo on your phone to remember the way the wires go (idiot proof the job)…” #rsdiary

Strategy from @chi_med


Resilience strategy – creating a ‘placebo’ bus stop for patients with dementia #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


From FB friend: More haste less speed, ne’er a truer word spoken #rsdiary

Strategy from @JoBrodie


RT @RS_Diary: MT @BioInFocus If you’re linking a PDF, you can specify exact page you want to land on by adding “#page=XX” after .pdf in the…

Strategy from @RS_Diary


To stop confusion about whether the clock change goes forward or back the weather man used a good mnemonic: clocks SPRING forward #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Friend’s baby just started to crawl. She’s asked her FB friends for advice on baby proofing house. LOADS of suggestions! #rsdiary

Strategy from @JulzRasmussen


Sorry Dom, made me smile @RS_Diary @DrGrumble: I pretend to use my stethoscope to have a bit of peace for thinking on the round #rsdiary

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


Knowing that I’d probably forget my work pass (I normally just have it in my bag but I took it out after a work trip where I didn’t need it) I decided to put it back into my bag straight away. I think lots of people do this sort of thing – they realise that whilst they have it in mind they should act on it straight away otherwise they will forget later on when the time comes to do it. #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Sent Christmas cards early so recipients have enough time to send some back in return #rsdiary #wanttofeellovedatchristmas

Strategy from @davidcragg


I have 200ml fruit juice cartons by my bedside in case I have a nightime hypo. Safer than going downstairs when hypo! #rsdiary #diabetes