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Girlf wearin diff colour shoes to see what looks best. Both comfy. After decidin she said “I’ll change them now so I don’t forget” #rsdiary

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I set alarms first thing 2 remind me when I need 2 go out 2 do each of the 3 school runs. Consequences of error = #Badmother #rsdiary

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Dad set alarm for 4.30am to pick me up from airport #rsdiary Forgot to reset it after & ended up super early for work next day #errordiary

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RT @DomFurniss: 12-year-old whose invention could save babies from dying in hot cars via @Femail #rsdiary

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Social media reminders support avoidance of error #rsdiary RT @davidcragg: Have you changed the time on all your diabetes equipment? #ourD

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Flip Pill Bottles Upside Down to Avoid Missing or Doubling Doses via @zite #rsdiary

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RT @DomFurniss: #rsdiary MT @trainingcarers: if you can’t tell the time living with #dementia
£5.61 gets you a speaking watch

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RT @DomFurniss: #rsdiary MT @WePharmacists *not* an endorsement but… MT @BBCNews: Some tips to get your children to swallow tablets http:…

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Time Machine backup of 7Feb only had files up to 13Dec!? Lost files :(. Browse files in Time Machine to check what it has #rsdiary

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One for #errordiary & #rsdiary ^JB MT @exitthelemming Treaty of Rome signed on blank sheet of paper via @stevegreen39

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Patient questions nurse’s reading! #rsdiary MT @ErgoNews: The Patient’s Role in Hospital Safety #humanfactors

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#rsdiary MT @WePharmacists *not* an endorsement but… MT @BBCNews: Some tips to get your children to swallow tablets

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I get my pump supplies delivered to my grandparents so I know there’ll always be someone there to receive them #rsdiary #diabetes

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@DomFurniss A pack of resilience strategies 😉 #rsdiary

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RT @DrPALaloe: #rsdiary To reduce transcription errors: write drug infusion rate in the same order that they are on the drip stand. http://…

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Heard runner on @BBCRadio2 who’s written places on his arm to remind him where to meet friends n family on #LondonMarathon #rsdiary

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Sent Christmas cards early so recipients have enough time to send some back in return #rsdiary #wanttofeellovedatchristmas

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To stop confusion about whether the clock change goes forward or back the weather man used a good mnemonic: clocks SPRING forward #rsdiary

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Does reading aloud help with error checking? #rsdiary #microcognition I think I read aloud to focus more eg before…

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Girlf now leaves cupboard door containing washing machine open when it has a load in. To reduce forgetting washed wet clothes #rsdiary