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Going to start using MS on{X} – incase I forget to leave the umbrella by the door, or note my parking space #rsdiary

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Don’t make a mistake and pay over the odds for rail tickets, expert tips and tricks for cheaper UK rail fare #rsdiary

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When peeing in dark (so I don’t wake the baby by turning on the light) I sit rather than stand #rsdiary #complexityreduction

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RT @RS_Diary: #Rsdiary MT @wlasinclair RT @DrCJohn: Clearly labeled emergency trolleys on delivery suite #humanfactors

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RT @RS_Diary: #RSdiary MT @trainingcarers Mum’s TV remote control more #dementia friendly & in her fave colour
#dementiachallengers http://…

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RT @chi_med: Resilience strategy – creating a ‘placebo’ bus stop for patients with dementia #rsdiary

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Girlf misplaces her iPhone. I call it so we can locate it #rsdiary. She lost her iPad n made it sound from her iPhone (designed-in feature)

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Emergency healthcare team have big coloured badges so they know who is in what role #rsdiary #differentiation

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We have a built in washing machine – hidden when the outer door is closed. 2x forgot to take washing out. Left door open as a cue #rsdiary

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MT @anaestheticdoc “So if you wanna pay your car tax but can’t cause the DVLA site has crashed, do it in welsh. works fine!” #rsdiary

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Write your many different passwords down so you don’t forget them #rsdiary. Wait! Don’t write them anywhere for security reasons #rsdiary.

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RT @rs_diary: Exciting times for #rsdiary: new iPhone offers location based alerts! Eg an alert to get off at right station on sleepy commute home

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#Rsdiary #precommitmentcheck RT @BBCAutumnwatch Top tip from Iolo try out a few pairs of binoculars before you buy #Birdwatch

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3 fairy lights on a tangled chain of 100 to replace. Marked with masking tape whilst on so could locate replacements whilst off #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT @RareToWellDone Pts who need help eating, or just close monitoring, are given food on a red tray so it’s obvious to all HCPs

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RT @davidcragg: Wrote a note with “INSULIN IN FRIDGE” and placed it on luggage bag to ensure I didn’t leave it in hotel #ourD #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @b0ringtweets The dream team. (From L-R) My main stapler, my reserve stapler, my reserve reserve stapler.

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#rsdiary my phone is my external memory – just had reminder that I’m blood doning in 30mins, had totally forgotten! Saved by the beep :)

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To stop confusion about whether the clock change goes forward or back the weather man used a good mnemonic: clocks SPRING forward #rsdiary

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I immediately photograph all important receipts & email them to myself with the title ‘receipt – category – thing’ #rsdiary @humansindesign