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RT @DomFurniss: #rsdiary MT @anniecoops: Ah! Reminder just gone off on phone to change pump. Going to do it even tho wud last till tomorrow…

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#RSdiary MT @trainingcarers If someone can’t pair socks any more-buy ALL THE SAME SOCKS or wear odd socks! #dementia

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Was thinking about buying app by @VideoScribetv. Sent email to myself to remember it as no bookmark/wishlist function on @AppStore #rsdiary

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@r_sims1 Bit extreme and not exactly low cost strategy but you could park next to some landmark, tree or something and take a pic #rsdiary

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Yoghurts had a habit of spurtin on me. Worked out it’s a combination of pressure on lid n small hole. I now open them away from me #rsdiary

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I have to plug in my washing machine for it to work. I leave it plugged in until the load has been taken out, otherwise I’d forget #rsdiary

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When starting up a chemical plant, operators follow a written procedure and tick off each step on a laminated copy kept in the control room.

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Emergency healthcare team have big coloured badges so they know who is in what role #rsdiary #differentiation

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RT @RS_Diary: #Rsdiary RT @traumagasdoc Top Ten Commandments for the safe administration of drugs:
#TGDed #drugerror

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When checking tyre pressures I hold dust caps (things on valves) in hand until replacing them. Left many at petrol station before #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT @davidcragg When travelling between hotels I take yellow stickies to remind me not to leave insulin in the in-room fridge #ourd

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. @RS_Diary Reminds me: medics & clinicians leave sample stickers on doors of patient rooms to recall what’s needed on entering #rsdiary

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#rsdiary for remembering vouchers at the till RT @ixdStudio: @DomFurniss I keep them in my wallet and remember them when I go to pay.

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#rsdiary MT @traumagasdoc: Don’t just say “crash section”. Use the caregorisation system for caesarians – it conveys level of urgency #TGDed

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Brought DSLR camera into work #nonroutine #vulnerabletoslip. Physically attached it to my work bag so don’t leave it on the train #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT @sophlego: #SNTtwitchat keep a notepad on you when on placement to jot down conditions/drugs/treatments that need reading up on!

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Coloured key tags for disambiguation strategies – so you don’t confuse similar keys #rsdiary

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I’ve put my tripod case on top of my coat on the parcel shelf of the train so I won’t forget it #rsdiary

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RT @JoBrodie: @DomFurniss A pack of resilience strategies 😉 #rsdiary