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#Rsdiary MT @wlasinclair RT @DrCJohn: Clearly labeled emergency trolleys on delivery suite #humanfactors #m12ppp

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I wet myself after the office Christmas party #caughtshort #fail Don’t miss opportunity to wee if needed #rsdiary

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Tracking online shopping: I mark order emails in red, I only remove them from inbox once they are received. Allows better tracking #rsdiary

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RT @DomFurniss: Interesting #rsdiary: a husband/wife metaphor to help clinicians understand different types of heart block

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RT @RS_Diary: #Rsdiary RT @traumagasdoc Top Ten Commandments for the safe administration of drugs:
#TGDed #drugerror

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Dial 0 for outside line, 9 for switchboard. Or is it the other way around? Problem solved -> see pic. #rsdiary

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“@Becbaines: I wear ear defenders when writing notes in Hospice: signals “do not disturb” and cuts down background noise” #rsdiary

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Just done the remainder of our Christmas food shop. There were a lot of non-routine items to collect, and the quantity of stuff also stretched the brain cells. Given this added complexity having a shopping list and crossing things off it once it was collected made trying to keep track of the task much easier. Also, reduced likelihood of forgetting something. #rsdiary #list #shopping #christmas

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“@DrPALaloe:”Bad things happen. It’s how you respond that counts.”#BounceBack #rsdiary via @HaydenJacky #FMLMNorth” 1 of my faves of the day

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RT @DomFurniss: Emergency healthcare team have big coloured badges so they know who is in what role #rsdiary #differentiation

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RT @DomFurniss: #rsdiary RT @dougclow: Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this solution for cable tidying before I saw it on Twitter. http:/…

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RT @jonback: This is the actual hack that saved the astronauts of the Apollo XIII #resilience #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT @AMBlass haven’t broken a bottle of insulin in 10yrs but I ALWAYS bring 2 bottles, even for a wkend trip.

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RT @DomFurniss: #rsdiary Anticipating risk with illegible doctors handwriting and taking measures to reduce these risks

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@LovedayBrooke There’s also #rsdiary (resilience diary) where we collect people’s strategies for preventing errors.

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After forgetting them on one trip ‘socks and pants’ comes top of my pre-travel packing checklist so I don’t forget them #rsdiary #chi2014

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@nialldowney @DrGerryG @nigelhart resilience engineering an emerging subject. More ready, rather than making the task simpler #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @r_sims1: @HFmatters Thanks, might count rows as walk from car to building then text that to myself :) at least gets me to row!

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RT @r_sims1: “@jess_jacobs: Made stickers for IV tubing to remind staff it’s a central line. @little_bytes” #rsdiary