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RT @JoBrodie: Diabetes disaster averted #47: mixed insulin dosages lost in translation strategy identified

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Much as you test you can’t open a door after locking, I try to turn on my straighteners after turning off at the wall to make sure #rsdiary

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“Bad things happen. It’s how you respond that counts.” #BounceBack #rsdiary via @HaydenJacky #FMLMNorth

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MT “@trishgreenhalgh: resilient action by receptionists protects patient safety in general practice #rsdiary

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RT @RS_Diary: #Rsdiary RT @traumagasdoc Top Ten Commandments for the safe administration of drugs:
#TGDed #drugerror

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RT @DomFurniss: Clinicians should repeat back requests like people do when ordering Chinese takeaways (error prevention) #rsdiary @doctorca…

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Was speaking to a chap yesterday who told me one of the motivations for choosing where to live was that he wanted to be at the end of a train line- because he always ends up falling asleep on trains and wanted to avoid the dreaded ‘waking up miles past your stop’ scenario

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Resilience strategy – creating a ‘placebo’ bus stop for patients with dementia #rsdiary

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Put all clean underwear in hotel safe so you don’t forget to empty it on the morning you leave #rsdiary

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RT @CharleneJennett: “Why countdown clocks for pedestrians actually cause more car crashes” #errordiary #rsdiary

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Flip Pill Bottles Upside Down to Avoid Missing or Doubling Doses via @zite #rsdiary

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Train conductor just announced if you’re felling sleepy and might miss your stop set your phone alarm and… n… #rsdiary

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BBC news: Plans to let schools keep spare asthma inhalers could reduce risks of emergency hospital admission #rsdiary

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@r_sims1 I’ve heard of people doing similar when dismantling a gadget or something, so they can see how it came apart step by step #rsdiary

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@RS_Diary you can buy bracelets that you swap from arm to arm to remind you which side to breast feed your baby from next #rsdiary

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When checking tyre pressures I hold dust caps (things on valves) in hand until replacing them. Left many at petrol station before #rsdiary

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Everytime I have the urge to say ‘like’, I put it in my mind to swear instead – like the F**k or S**t. But because I don’t want to swear in front of people, I stop altogether. Weirdly enough, it kind of works :)

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Using Excel to help track status of Errordiary prizes, focus groups ( ) and correspondence #rsdiary

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RT @DrPALaloe: “Bad things happen. It’s how you respond that counts.” #BounceBack #rsdiary via @HaydenJacky #FMLMNorth

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#Rsdiary RT @traumagasdoc Avoiding drug errors:
Minimise distraction while drawing up/administering drugs #TGDed