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RT @RS_Diary: #Rsdiary RT @traumagasdoc Top Ten Commandments for the safe administration of drugs:
#TGDed #drugerror

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Carpenter put the house keys in his pocket so if he was outside n the front door slammed shut he had them #rsdiary

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@LovedayBrooke There’s also #rsdiary (resilience diary) where we collect people’s strategies for preventing errors.

Strategy from @DomFurniss


Driver announces this train is for Brussels, one opposite for Paris. Better disambiguation strategy wud b different times/platform #rsdiary

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Check you have all and only those bits needed for a patient’s treatment before you start it for better error monitoring #rsdiary

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RT @maccabeem: Never enter the kitchen empty-handed. And 10 other super deluxe productivity hacks. #rsdiary

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Notifying people what presents you are getting them via email means that you don’t have to wrap them #rsdiary

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Heard a lady at girlf’s work keeps her insulin pen with her lunchbox (all in the same bag) so she doesn’t forget it #rsdiary

Strategy from @jonback


Flip Pill Bottles Upside Down to Avoid Missing or Doubling Doses via @zite #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @R2CProgramme: @DomFurniss @doctorcaldwell @jhazan Same for pilots and air traffic control which has greater risk similarity.

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Had problems with my out of office reply and being confident it’s on. Just sent an email to myself from personal account to check #rsdiary

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RT @DomFurniss: #rsdiary MT @trainingcarers: if you can’t tell the time living with #dementia
£5.61 gets you a speaking watch

Strategy from @gendor


@falkowata I’ve forgotten my id so often that I now always clip my ID card to my work backpack when I get home #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Set phone alarm at 9.50pm last night. It sent off. I wondered why. Then recalled it was to remind me to bring my audio recorder in #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Just saved two alarms on my phone so i’m reminded of my Skype n meeting later on today #rsdiary

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RT @FaintSignals: So so close to booking an expensive hotel in March when it was meant to be February. The final check before I hit confirm…

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Fond memories introducing people to the idea of Resilience Strategies using a #FrayBentos pie as a prop: #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


As a rule don’t send work emails after drinking on a work night out #rsdiary #oops

Strategy from @aptaim


Dropped Little’un to wrong school in confusion: now describe & talk about them by uniform colour not name i.e. “the purple school” #rsdiary

Strategy from @RS_Diary


Needed to wake up extra early to catch a flight. Insisted girlf set her phone alarm too just in case something’s wrong with mine #rsdiary