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.@DomFurniss Seasoned commuter recommends dangling the strap from the parcel shelf so it’s in your field of vision, so more salient #rsdiary

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RT @RS_Diary: #rsdiary RT @trishgreenhalgh: Reduce your baby’s chance of developing allergies: suck its dummy

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#rsdiary MT@PtSafety1st New Patient Safety Alert on non-Luer spinal (intrathecal) chemo devices #ptsafety @NHSEngland

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A favourite resilience strategy: nuclear power plant operator used a paperclip to bookmark his place in procedures #rsdiary #profilepicidea

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Leaving my keys on top of my laptop so that I can’t leave without them. #RSdiary

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I’ve heard numerous times about people accidentally phoning their top contact, I’ve heard this from an Alan, Abbie and Andrienne. To help stop myself doing this I have made a pretend contact AAaaaa who appears at the top of my contact list – they have a number but it is not recognised. Theory is that even if I do ring it, it will fail to make a call. #rsdiary #phone #iphone #appropriation

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Relying on the fact that google themselves apparently uses googledocs extensively as resilience against partial/total loss of data

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Just saved two alarms on my phone so i’m reminded of my Skype n meeting later on today #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT @conquestfrca: Fav #EZDrugID ideas so far
Label bottle tops
Organised storage 2/2

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RT @DrPALaloe: #rsdiary To reduce transcription errors: write drug infusion rate in the same order that they are on the drip stand. http://…

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RT @DomFurniss: BBC reported BA were amongst few airlines avoiding Ukrainian airspace even tho declared safe above 30k #MH17 #rsdiary http:…

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Patient questions nurse’s reading! #rsdiary MT @ErgoNews: The Patient’s Role in Hospital Safety #humanfactors

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The Key To Never Forgetting Your iPhone's Charging Cable #rsdiary

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When peeing in dark (so I don’t wake the baby by turning on the light) I sit rather than stand #rsdiary #complexityreduction

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In my attempts to remember to pay my rent without starting a standing order, I’ve put an alarm on my phone everyday for 3 days up until rent day :)

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RT @DomFurniss: Fond memories introducing people to the idea of Resilience Strategies using a #FrayBentos pie as a prop:

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Talk to nuclear chemist before changing anything! Deference to expertise #rsdiary MT @BrianSJ3 Nuclear facility bang

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#rsdiary Anticipating risk with illegible doctors handwriting and taking measures to reduce these risks

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#rsdiary RT @dougclow: Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this solution for cable tidying before I saw it on Twitter.