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“@ChrisPoskitt: @oopsohno luckily our mailing list bounces any emails from non-ETH addresses. #safe” #rsdiary solution for my previous tweet

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RT @r_sims1: “@jess_jacobs: Made stickers for IV tubing to remind staff it’s a central line. @little_bytes” #rsdiary

Strategy from Gmailabi

Everytime I have the urge to say ‘like’, I put it in my mind to swear instead – like the F**k or S**t. But because I don’t want to swear in front of people, I stop altogether. Weirdly enough, it kind of works :)

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RT @DomFurniss: .@OurDiabetes are doing a tweet chat tomorrow at 8pm. I didn’t want to forget it so set my phone alarm for 19:55 #rsdiary #…

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RT @chi_med: Resilience strategy – creating a ‘placebo’ bus stop for patients with dementia #rsdiary

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RT @RS_Diary: #rsdiary RT @perform:

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RT @DomFurniss: #Rsdiary MT @humansindesign: Rihanna ties ribbon around her waist so she knows when to stop eating & often eats in front of…

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#rsdiary for remembering vouchers at the till RT @ixdStudio: @DomFurniss I keep them in my wallet and remember them when I go to pay.

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#Rsdiary RT @traumagasdoc Top Ten Commandments for the safe administration of drugs:
#TGDed #drugerror

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When checking tyre pressures I hold dust caps (things on valves) in hand until replacing them. Left many at petrol station before #rsdiary

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Girlf now leaves cupboard door containing washing machine open when it has a load in. To reduce forgetting washed wet clothes #rsdiary

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#rsdiary RT @R2CProgramme: @DomFurniss @doctorcaldwell @jhazan Same for pilots and air traffic control which has greater risk similarity.

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#rsdiary MT @davidcragg When travelling between hotels I take yellow stickies to remind me not to leave insulin in the in-room fridge #ourd

Strategy from Dominic Furniss


Breaking in Birthday Shoes

It was my birthday yesterday and I was pleased to get a new pair of shoes. I set off for work wearing them with pride, admiring them with each stride… but 20mins later I had arrived at the station and they were really rubbing the backs of my heels. By the time I got into work I was hobbling around. I thought next time I wear a pair of new shoes on a long journey I’ll bring a back up comfy pair to change into just in case (1st strategy). A colleague said that she puts on five pairs of socks, then her new shoes, and then gives it a good dose of hot air from the hairdryer – apparently this breaks them in faster (2nd strategy). Anyone else got more tips here? #shoes

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This would be needed for all health professions in scrub uniforms #rsdiary

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RT @swelldiabetes: @RS_Diary See an issue & walk by, you condone poor practice. Zero tolerance to errors #rsdiary But needs @TobyLewis_SWBH…

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I always put my swipe card in my rucksack when I leave the office so I don’t lose it or forget where I put it the next day

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To help me find people on my iPhone I put a little ‘<' in front of names of people who I use for services, e.g. plumbers, roofers, garage, taxi numbers - this means that they don't get mixed in with my friends and I can easily find them too because they all appear together. #rsdiary #phone #iphone #appropriation

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#rsdiary RT @r_sims1: @HFmatters Thanks, might count rows as walk from car to building then text that to myself :) at least gets me to row!

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#RSdiary MT @trainingcarers Mum’s TV remote control more #dementia friendly & in her fave colour