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Before going to [place] the other weekend girlf wrote down directions on paper n said, “You can’t always rely on the SatNav” #rsdiary

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#rsdiary MT@PtSafety1st New Patient Safety Alert on non-Luer spinal (intrathecal) chemo devices #ptsafety @NHSEngland

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My Grandad uses a contact lens pot to take his pills out. Green must be taken 1/2hr before dinner, and white direct…

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RT @FaintSignals: So so close to booking an expensive hotel in March when it was meant to be February. The final check before I hit confirm…

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#rsdiary :)) RT @annabb02: @r_sims1 I’ve done that a few times in the hospital car park (not for hours though!). Always note a landmark now

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Having got up to get the door for the tenth time, I have put on headphones, so people looking through will assume that I can’t hear them knocking. Sorry guys, it was getting silly. I’m not a doorman.

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I opened the Muller Rice away from me – I learnt this through many yoghurt spillages #rsdiary

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Playing Harbor Master on iPad. Squiggled repeatedly in small area so boat stays in small region for long period when busy #rsdiary #gaming

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Regular readers might be familiar w #Errordiary (a collection of everyday errors) – #rsdiary captures the doom-averting cunning plans :) ^JB

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RT @swelldiabetes: @RS_Diary See an issue & walk by, you condone poor practice. Zero tolerance to errors #rsdiary But needs @TobyLewis_SWBH…

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Resilience strategy advertised on London Underground: Eat takeaway so less chance of house fire #rsdiary

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RT @emmaboakes When showering dont think about doing a facial scrub as you pour out ur shampoo. Unless you want to shampoo ur face #rsdiary

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#rsdiary door mat

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B&B manager has colour coded the keys – red, amber n green are the 3 keys needed to get successively closer to bed #rsdiary

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@RS_Diary you can buy bracelets that you swap from arm to arm to remind you which side to breast feed your baby from next #rsdiary

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Great examples of resilient behaviour in the #film #castaway eg appropriating lace skirt as fishing net n ice skate as cutting tool #rsdiary

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Called my girlf to bring lunch to station before I left (forgotten at home). Great recovery. #rsdiary #social #teamwork #link2res234

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Relying on the fact that google themselves apparently uses googledocs extensively as resilience against partial/total loss of data

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Girlf n I both forget to use Nectar card with Amazon site. Now plan to set up fake deliv address called Nectar as a cue in process #rsdiary