To err is human…
To understand why we err and to try to reduce our erring is human too!

Errordiary is about sharing errors so people can think about human error in a new way. We already know that the same psychological principles lie behind everyday errors and those errors of a more serious nature. Whether they are funny, frustrating or fatal depends on the context. Whatever context you find yourself  in you can share your errors via Twitter. You can also favourite and comment on the ones already displayed on this site. Reflecting on the errors we make may lead to insights, which can be used to develop a more detailed understanding of their causes.

The first Errordiary entry was posted by @FaintSignals in Norway on 11 April 2009 as he toyed with using Twitter to record his low-level everyday errors. @errordiary (now @doomninny) joined the team on 5 April a year later and the idea of collating tweets via the #errordiary hashtag was conceived.

Twitter has restrictions in terms of archiving and accessing old tweets and this previously limited Errordiary’s potential use and reach. However, developing the project as part of the public engagement programme within CHI+MED, EPSRC programme grant EP/G059063/1, we now have this website .

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Errordiary and/or how you plan to use it for public engagement, teaching, research and talks. This feedback is essential for showing our funders the value of 
the work and also helps us learn from people’s experiences and needs – please take the time to do this.

For feedback and more information please contact Dr Dominic Furniss:
d.furniss (at) ucl.ac.uk