We are using Errordiary to learn about human error and we’re developing teaching practices and materials at UCL around this theme, particularly for students on the MSc course in Human Computer Interaction with Ergonomics. By understanding and raising awareness of human error we can make life easier and save others too!

Our workshop paper titled Errordiary: Support for Teaching Human Error explains how we use this material to teach the psychology of human error. To support others seeking to do the same we share our slides and worksheets for you to adapt, please get in touch if you’re thinking about doing this as we’d love to hear from you and get your feedback:

Human Error Lecture slides <<download>>
Errordiary worksheet           <<download>>
Errordiary overview slides   <<download>> 

Please visit the CHI+MED project website to see more about our work and follow @Errordiary on Twitter. Or visit our YouTube page to see some of our videos. Above is an example with Dr Jonathan Back talking about human error and resilience strategies – you can read more about CHI+MED’s error and resilience research here.

Dr Dominic Furniss has given a UCL Bite-sized Lecture on The Comedy of (Human) Error and Resilience which can be adapted and used in conjunction with Errordiary teaching. Particularly if you want to move from human error to resilience strategies i.e. the positive strategies that people adopt to reduce the likelihood of error and its effects.