Aims Errordiary has four main aims:

  • To raise awareness about the ubiquity of human error.
  • To promote a culture that learns from error rather than hides it.
  • To educate people about resilience strategies.
  • To bring research, teaching and public engagement closer together.

Mission Statement

Errordiary is being developed to be the leading international hub for human error research, teaching and public engagement. We strongly believe that we should learn from human error rather than trying to hide it, that errors are not always the fault of the individual, and that system changes can be made to reduce the likelihood of error in the long term for everyone. Although this website is couched in terms of human error, this is largely for rhetorical and engagement purposes. Like others we believe the term is over-used and too readily satisfies people who are looking for a cause for an incident or accident. Stopping at human error usually satisfies the need for blame and to find a scapegoat, but it masks the interesting factors that have contributed to the accident along the way. For example, were people overworked and in stressful conditions; did they have the right knowledge, support and training; was the technology they used well designed and user-friendly; was their a good safety culture; and were appropriate procedures in place to catch unwanted errors.