Errordiary Media


This is the Errordiary Media page. This is a corpus of media on Errordiary-related topics that we have put together while working on the project. There are videos that give a quick introduction to human error through to in-depth documentaries covering individual areas. We are always coming across new and interesting things, so we’ll keep this page well stocked with new links.


In this section we showcase some of the photos, images and media that we find new and interesting – look at the other sections for a more complete archive of resources. Please get in touch to suggest other material to add.

Competition Promotion Posters/Flyers


If you have photos that are appropriate for Errordiary and you’re happy to share them please get in touch. Photos on Flickr.

Art & Posters

If you are feeling creative and have an image that is appropriate for Errordiary and you’re happy to share please get in touch.

Competition Promotion Posters/Flyers

This image was entered into the UCL Research Images Competition 2012. It didn’t win any prizes but we still love it! It’s a picture inspired by an #errordiary post – someone reported  pouring their fruit juice into their cornflakes instead of their milk. The picture is composed of over 100 #errordiary posts from @FaintSignals.


If you’d like to suggest videos that should be added to this archive then please get in touch.

Comedy Gigs

Human Error

Blame Culture

Technology and usability


Real Life Experiences (Sad)

Real Life Experiences (Funny)

Longer Documentaries