Errordiary Drama


Special Blog: Space Shuttle EndeavErr

We’re trying to encourage more and more people to contribute to Errordiary. It’s like launching a space rocket – you need enough inertia to make it into orbit, or… you end up sinking, sinking, sinking and then crashing back to Earth. We liked the idea of a trying to launch a rocket so much that we’re using one to represent our progress as a community. There’s a long way to go, so have a look at how we’re doing, get involved and help us to explore the outer limits of the human error universe: Space Shuttle EndeavErr.

With human error making an appearance in all walks of life and in everything we do, along the way we’ve picked up some fun, infuriating and intriguing examples of human error:

A wave of human error is sweeping the world! What’s causing it? Our crack team of reporters investigate.

Microwaves can be dangerous. One could give you an impromptu popcorn-flavoured fumigation of your house if you’re not careful.

Eric has a run-in with some parking attendants and the customer service team behind them.

Festivities can get the better of us, as Rob and Stacey found out after poorly timed toilet runs after post-work drinks…

Someone has an epiphany while cooking a Fray Bentos pie – the first eureka moment involving a tinned pie…