Space Shuttle EndeavErr on its Public Engagement Mission

Masks This news blog reports Space Shuttle EndeavErr's Public Engagement mission. This captures the engagement generated by our competition and related activities (where engagement activities = km). The launch date was 15th October 2013, and the mission came to an end on 6th January 2014. We didn't know where we would get, people engaged, we were propelled forward, and it was a success! Read more below...

September 24, 2013 - EndeavErr Special Pre-launch Report

Despite setbacks and delays the preparations for EndeavErr are coming to a finale – we’re nearly ready for the launch. There is great anticipation as to what this rocket achieves and how far it will go!

EndeavErr’s mission is an exploratory public engagement project. Essentially it is propelled by the level of interaction on Errordiary. The more of you that join the website and the more errors and resilience strategies that you post the further and higher EndeavErr will be able to go. By contributing you will also be contributing to a dataset that is used not only for public engagement but also for teaching and research too! We hope that by engaging with the project and the website you will learn something new about human error or see it a little differently.

Over the 3 month lifespan of the shuttle’s mission we are running a competition with a grand prize fund of £900! This is to encourage you to join the website and post, so EndeavErr has more chance of success!

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October 10, 2013 - Just 5 Days to go! Mindfulness towards error

Only 5 days to go and as preparations go on it seems timely to remind ourselves of what we’re doing this for: EndeavErr’s Primary Mission to raise awareness of, and mindful towards, human error. These sorts if things affect us everyday, but sometimes even the most simple of errors can have big consequences. For example, a recent Russian rocket crashed because an engineer wired a sensor up back to front!

It was soon discovered that a human error was to blame for the failure, one related to the Proton-M’s production, with the angular velocity sensors installed upside down. Numerous engineers and managers were fired as a result.”

How can we guard against these errors? Is the best reaction to sack everyone involved in it? How does your workplace deal with these things? How would you feel if you suffered from someone else’s ‘simple’ mistake?

October 11, 2013 - Just 4 Days to go! Using resilience strategies

With just 4 days to go and amidst the on going work it seems timely to remind ourselves of the mission goals: EndeavErr’s Secondary Mission to raise awareness of resilience strategies, these are the inventive things we do to avoid and recover from error. Sometimes these are the simplest things we do to prevent errors and improve performance, and we don’t even notice we do them. For example, getting a different coloured key cut so you can easily identify on a big bunch of keys. Sometimes these are extraordinary feats of resilience which save people from certain disaster!

This is an example of appropriation, which is a strategy of using things in an inventive way to achieve something its not actually designed to achieve! What other resilience strategies are there? What sort of things do you do like this?

October 12, 2013 - Just 3 Days to go! Dealing with the unexpected

Just 3 days left and we take stock of the overall mission objectives – sometimes things are out of our hands. Combining errors, resilience strategies and external influences is all part of the bucking bronco of daily life that we ride everyday. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. We can prepare and plan for things, but unexpected things can happen to throw us off course. Sometimes these unexpected things can come as a pleasant surprise – and we can take advantage of this opportunity.

Sometimes it seems that how events turn out comes down to luck, but in a way you make your own luck. How can we turn things in our favour?

October 13, 2013 - Just 2 Days to go! Cue the music

It’s time to start building the tension for the launch – cue the music!