CHI+MED Game Competition 2014: St. Error Hospital


CHI+MED held a student game design competition in 2014. Over two months, teams were challenged to create a persuasive game that would get people reflecting on the causes of human error and raise awareness of blame culture within a healthcare context. The winners were selected through a combination of expert judging and testing with a group of players. We invite you to try all four of the games.

St. Error Hospital was the competition Runner-up. It was created by Charmian Dawson and Subhan Shaffi. As opposed to Nurse’s Dilemma, which focuses on an individual nurse experience, St. Error Hospital utilises a bird’s eye view from a management perspective. Players can direct staff, organise ward areas and implement resilience strategies to reduce the chances of errors occurring. Through having to manipulate multiple variables, the game illustrates how errors relate to wider systemic issues and also highlights ways in which safety can be improved e.g. through improving training and creating a good work environment.

Play St. Error Hospital


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