CHI+MED Game Competition 2014: Patient Panic


CHI+MED held a student game design competition in 2014. Over two months, teams were challenged to create a persuasive game that would get people reflecting on the causes of human error and raise awareness of blame culture within a healthcare context. The winners were selected through a combination of expert judging and testing with a group of players. We invite you to try all four of the games.

Patient Panic was created by Cameron Kyle-Davidson, Lydia Pauly, Benjamin Williams and Connor Wood. The game is set during a natural disaster where the player takes on the role of a local doctor who was to treat multitudes of patients before it’s too late. Through increasing difficulty levels, the player experiences increasing stress as they move from efficient care to damage control and unfortunate failure. While you can always try for a higher score in the game, the final slides illustrate how blame culture ensures that medical staff don’t often get a second chance in the real world. The code for Patient Panic is available on GitHub.

Play Patient Panic


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