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Pulled cord in bathroom to turn fan off but used one for lights instead! Doh! (forgot to put #errordiary hashtag on previous post!)

Error from @FaintSignals


Pulled cord in bathroom to turn fan off but used one for lights instead! Doh!

Error from @FaintSignals


In bed, girlf reading web page on iPhone over my shoulder, “What does that say? Cyclists?” The word was ‘Dyslexics’ #shame #errordiary

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Heard in the office [on the news that the US is urging authorisation of air strikes in Libya]: ”That’s quite dramastic!” #errordiary

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Saw a lady in the supermarket forget her groceries after she paid for them… #errordiary

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@oopsohno While typing in numbers in excel using the number pad, I typed in ‘2’ instead of ‘8’ as if it had same layout as phone #errordiary

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#errordiary RT @nichol77 Note to future self: don’t pick up the metal handled frying pan after it has been in the oven… Ouch #sostupid

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One for #errordiary :) RT @imrantime My phone buzzed so I just picked up my calculator to see who texted me. #fail

Error from @mhilde


Lapse (thought enough ice had melted to walk to work w/out crampons) followed by slip (landed on bum, cuts and bruises to hand) #errordiary

Error from @mhilde


#errordiary Error1: Left book in hotel room, noticed on way back. Error2: Found book in office, had forgotten to take it in the first place.

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BIG personal achievement tonight :). All hail @BrightClubLDN I forgot the poo in the bag at the venue! Human Error?! #errordiary

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Selected the wrong delivery address for Amazon order, now the book will go to my home address rather than work. #errordiary

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Working on laptop in coffee shop with phone next to it on table. Wanted to move cursor but reached for phone as if it were mouse #errordiary

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Previous error was caused by slip during programming: training files were automatically labelled ‘main’ & main files ‘training’ #errordiary

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Spent the last two days analysing the wrong data files for experiment… Was working training data rather than experimental… #errordiary

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Thought my train departed 10.08. It arrives at 10.08. It departs at 08.15. Whoops. #errordiary

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Got email from dive resort with fab holiday offer. Wanted to forward it to BF, but hit reply instead, sending them lots of xxx’s #errordiary

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Picked up BF’s iPhone and typed my pin instead of his to unlock keypad . I knew it wouldn’t work but couldn’t stop my fingers #errordiary

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Forgot to sync my files to USB stick last night, so couldn’t work from the coffee shop this morning with my home computer :( #errordiary