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Spilled a glass of water on my display table at GLA / LSEF mtg, so returning to office w water-damaged magazines, oops ;) #Errordiary

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“@Slate: This Is What Happens When No One Proofreads an Academic Paper #errordiary

Error from @Anna_bd


Spent the last half hour trying to figure out a bug in my code. Turns out I was editing the wrong file. #errordiary #ihatetheworld

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MT @Anna_bd: “@olivia_solon: School accidentally tells parents that all 717 students are missing #errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


Put batteries for beard trimmer in charger before trip. They are now 100% charged. In the living room socket at home. #errordiary #omission

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@CommonFutrs @ourdatacoop think #errordiary has a really nice touch on this. But it’s effectively opt in. @curiousc is thinking about this 2

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The diet starts today, evidently – left my purse at home (again!) so no lunch! #errordiary

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Been wondering why this massive headache is not going away. Then realised I took hay fever relief instead of a pain killer :/ #errordiary

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“@davidofyork: Wow. Following a bank error in my favour, I have collected £100.” #errordiary @oopsohno

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Watched The Shining last night so put the chain on to protect myself from axe wielding maniacs. Forgot to lock the door tho. #errordiary

Error from @Anna_bd


A meeting was arranged around my schedule but I read my calendar wrong & can’t go to the time that was chosen so I could attend. #errordiary

Error from AnnL


Yes, I posted a ten pound note into the slot on the front of a self-service cash desk for unwanted receipts. In other words, they have a dustbin in the machine not far from the slot for paying with notes and I put a tenner in it.

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“@ThePoke: Sorry for any misunderstanding… #errordiary

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RT: @voxdotcom How a misplaced comma cost the US government $38.4 million #errordiary

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Our waiter made a #keypress (maybe #keybounce) error in programming the Chip+PIN thing for our meal #slip #errordiary

Error from @lzipperer


#errordiary not recalling i was told I needed a customs stamp to get txs back until AFTER we got home from Spain.

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#errordiary leaving teaching room without clearing whiteboard, & not remembering until 8 floors & another building away!!

Error from @mikefsway


Why would I suddenly, just this morning, type my old Soton Uni username that I haven’t used for 10 years instead of my UCL one? #errordiary

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FB friend: tonight at bootcamp I managed to drop a weighted ball from between my feet into my face #errordiary #skill #riskybusiness

Error from @ccidental


Posted niece’s b’day present to my sister’s house number on my mum & dad’s road. :-( #feellikeanidiot #errordiary