Error from @edburton


Icon do better! Retro pixel poking game launched today for iOS for free #icondobetter #errordiary

Error from @ccidental


Man just ran over wife’s foot outside station. His 2nd error was saying “why did you put your foot in front of the wheel?” #errordiary

Error from @MedsManPharm


What kind of flawed decision-making has me wearing knee-high boots today?? #ErrorDiary ☀️☀️☀️

Error from @puddlelogic


Dear brain, taking the metropolitan line instead of Hammersmith and city @eustonsquare =longer journeys every time.eustonsquare #errordiary

Error from @kerastion


Just sat for about five seconds staring at the back of my digital camera trying to work out how to put the film in. #errordiary

Error from @betabetic


@drivendiabetic Oh. OH! That is a really good example of how ‘helpful’ tech isn’t always helpful. One for #errordiary?

Error from @falkowata


I can’t read. Expected an exhibition starting at 6pm, turned out it’s actually presentations and the event started at 7pm. #errordiary

Error from @ErrordiaryNews


MT @edyong209 Author on how not to get gored by a bull gets gored. Co-author says they’ll update the book #Errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


My parents got letter about a bond. Said parents were wrong but company were ten years out with dates. #errordiary #slip #mistake #fatfinger

Error from @ccidental


Student tells Ps about aim of study instead of keeping it secret til after #errordiary

Error from @ccidental


Research finance missed out research partner’s costs in application. held up submission til we identified error #errordiary

Error from @ccidental


School mixed up student reports & sent wrong report home. #errordiary

Error from @r_sims1


#Errordiary carrying son’s bookbag & my handbag…got home from school run & dog walk – no keys. Call to school – keys in his bookbag!!!

Error from @bliss_LDN


This morning I was so pleased I’d remembered to tweet @errordiary abt a critical error involving giant forks. Until I woke up. #errordiary

Error from @ErrordiaryNews


ErrorWow! RT @BrianSJ3: MT #errordiary @RNSubs OTD 1906: French sub Farfadet sank with hatch improperly shut.

Error from @FatherFantaskis


@BBCr4today Especially while NHS is likely to remove lungs instead of liver by mistake. #ClericalError #ErrorDiary

Error from @FaintSignals


On train home. No umbrella but I brought it in. Hoping I left it in the office, but no reliable memory trace. #errordiary #mindbodyproblem

Error from @JoBrodie


Man sat next to me wearing lovely-smelling aftershave. Brief flurry of thumbs on iPhone before realising – can’t Shazam smell ;) #Errordiary

Error from @oopsohno


Near miss at an airport. Not sure where the error occurred here. Good save by the incoming pilots! #errordiary

Error from @DomFurniss


Never remember to use these vouchers they give you for Sainsbury’s. Had a £1.50 at home, n £5 in my wallet! #errordiary Need a res strategy