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Asiana Airlines flight 214 crash caused by Boeing planes being ‘overly complicated’ #errordiary via @GeorgeRBuchanan

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Amazon: A not so useful list of carriers in your local area #reddit #errordiary

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in an attempt to fix my belt clip, I nearly glued my fitbit to my finger …

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Used cold water tap on workplace water dispenser instead of hot to make cup of tea. #errordiary

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Looks like I’ve killed the battery on my MacBook Pro (can of Diet Coke exploded in my bag, soaked it). World of faff to replace? #errordiary

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#errordiary When fat fingers take down your business via @hullsean

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#errordiary Tax man RTI errors mean 3.5 million employees will have to pay money back

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RT @BrianSJ3: #errordiary Switch incompatibility’ leads to two helicopter ditchings cc @FatherFantaskis

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#errordiary Switch incompatibility’ leads to two helicopter ditchings

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I just walked to work twice! I got off the train, through the barriers, down the road, nearly to work and I felt the breeze. Where’s my jacket? Did I leave it on the train? Did I even leave the house with it? I think I recall putting on the parcel shelf on the train but don’t think I left the house with it :/. I stopped and stood there wondering whether to walk back and check for a few minutes. I searched my brain for clues as to what my body might have done, but I remained unsure. I walked back to the train to check. There wasn’t any sign of the jacket on the train, so I presume I left it at home and guess I’ll find out tonight whether I did or not. (The round trip added another 30mins on to my journey) #errordiary #inattentionalblindness

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#errordiary went to room 422 for a seminar. It was an office. I was in wrong building.

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The Nurse’s Dilemma – a prize winning game on ethics via @errordiary #errordiary

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MT @Anna_bd “@CreweNPU: #fail – man in Crewe rang 999 by accident. We arrived to check he was OK and found his cannabis farm!” #errordiary

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MT @gingdottwit #errordiary: checked for milk before pouring cereal. Got milk out. Poured cereal. tried to put the cereal in the fridge.

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Dear WC pundits- falling over ball is not a mistake, it’s a slip. Mistakes are errors of assumption, not of execution. #errordiary

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Games that make us think! #Errordiary Games encourage people to reflect on ethical, societal issues + they’re great!

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@godd4rd same problem. #errordiary

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I’ve been watching Uruguay v Costa Rica for 9 minutes, only just realised that this is not the England game… #errordiary #notconcentrating

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#errordiary mapping problem meant I out my recycling/trash in the wrong bins. #ux

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Ahahahahaha. Advert is turning on people’s Xboxes accidentally #errordiary