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@scsharples Hehe, it’s a simple #errordiary incident. Thank you (still plenty of editing to do, I’m sure)

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A very interesting hashtag #errordiary
Thanks @scsharples

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Left my phone in Ireland after a trip back home (d’oh!) – didn’t realise until I was at the train station waiting for my train to the airport, so I couldn’t go back to get it without missing my flight! :(  So now I have to wait for 6 weeks until I go back for Xmas to get it back….

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Painting a gate in the dark today (don’t ask). Accidentally dipped paintbrush onto top of lantern, rather than into paint pot #errordiary

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#errordiary – perceptual slip from the look of it…

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Password protected hard drive did not accept the password. Even the password hint supported my memory of it but no go #errordiary

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Forgot to do my bag’s zip up after working on train. Heard laptop hit floor behind me. Day with IT support trying to revive it #errordiary

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Not sure if the error and preventative measures are focused on the deactivation or reactivation part, hopefully the…

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more #errordiary @shitduosays @duolingo, getting into the pedantics of #cat schooling to #tertiaryeducation level

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Winner of #GBBO revealed too early by @PrueLeith as she was in a different time zone. We all make mistakes, see…

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Dear #errordiary, shutters are not gutters.

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Started the day by getting off at the wrong tube station for the library I needed to go to #errordiary

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I stare at the bunch of keys & wonder which one will open the gates. Until I finally grab the Oyster Card from my other pocket #errordiary

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The bathroom had dyson airblades in it. I nearly stuck my hands in this #errordiary

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Picked up lunch box left in meeting to return it to owner. Oops. Belonged to none of the attendees. #errordiary Left it on train to N’castle

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Preparing food and getting ready for visitors, only to realise it’s next Saturday 🙈. #errordiary #motherhood

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This has to be one for the #ErrorDiary …

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@AdamRutherford @FryRsquared See also the #Errordiary hashtag and the project behind it :)

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You’d think these keys look/feel diff enough to not mix them up. In reality it’s ~50:50 as to which I try to start…

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Set timer to remind me to do scheduled work for a client in 40 mins, realise later I’d set it for 40 hrs! Good job I noticed. #ErrorDiary