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Dropped son off at nursery. Completely forgot to put buggy in storage area and left it outside. PCE? Luckily it didn’t rain! #errordiary

Error from @doomninny


@Nonam212 @DomFurniss Nope, reg laughed sheepishly and carried on… Ppl were prob too sleepy to realise what (almost) happened #errordiary

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Stupid me Leaving glasses behind 1 hour round trip to get them back @errordiary #errordiary Thanks to rescuers @jowallis100 & @spanna18281

Error from Dominic Furniss


I am hosting a webinar on 12 March 1-2.30pm EST. We advertised this at the end of February and checked the GMT times which were 6-7.30pm. We didn’t know EST changes to EDT on second Sunday in March meaning there is only a 4hr time difference rather than 5hrs, so the webinar is actually 5-6.30pm GMT. At the end of March GMT changes to BST meaning that we go back to 5hrs difference and not 4hrs, so there is only a short window where we are 4hrs apart and not 5. #errordiary #mistake

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Kalahari, Sahara, Nubian. Only £4.50! #errordiary

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#Errordiary :) RT @tjathurman “Every Street in Manchester city centre.” I laughed far too much about this

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Remember my dad telling me we’d drive down Every Street in Manchester on the way home..
RT @JoBrodie: #errordiary :)

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#errordiary :)

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5am emrgncy c-section, reg starts to close with swab still inside p’s abdo. Alert med stdnt points out error before harm done 😉 #errordiary

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Only just realised it’s higher numbers on the dial that make the fridge colder, not lower. The fridge is not a thermostat #errordiary

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Just texted a friend to ask if she went “to the hips oral”. Intended to ask about hospital. Entirely inappropriate. #errordiary

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@DrNickCrombie @RCSnews @NIAAResearch have you heard of #errordiary ? I think you meant @RCoANews 😉

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I brought lunch into work. En route I thought about buying lunch but reminded myself I didn’t need it x3. I still bought lunch! #errordiary

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Oops! Put the iron on the shelf but forgot to turn it off! Sitting in the room before leaving and heard it click – phew! #Errordiary #slip

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New Mexico is MEXICO: NYT gaff #errordiary

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#errordiary RT @TraineeGasDoc: Near miss on our ICU today #EZDrugID

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#errordiary “@sig_chi: Hold your horses – seems a mistake led to all #chi2015 authors incorrectly getting an email about honourable mention”

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OH thought he’d forgotten to arrange childcare. Found solution. Later discover he hadn’t forgotten & now doublebooked. #errordiary

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Other half just had a freak out. He thought it was Mother’s Day tomorrow. #errordiary #twoweeksearly

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Erro de grafia e sinalização de solo torta viram piada nas redes sociais – #ErrorDiary #fail