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Seriously @TweetDeck, this is all the help you are going to give me? #errordiary

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It was raining heavily when I was trying to get some cash from the ‘atm’. Therefore, I was willing to find a shelter as soon as I withdraw my cash. And after I went under a roof, I realised that I only got my card but not my cash. It taught me a story: take both your cash and debit card in the same time even thought your debit card come out from the atm first.

Error from @Pnt042


Toast in bowl, soup in plate. #errordiary should have turn the kitchen lights on!

Error from Youran


I went to the supermarket to buy something to eat and I went to the cashier I found that I forgot to bring my purse. And therefore I have no way to pay for the goods I want to buy. A recommended method to avoid this kind of stupid mistakes is simply checking before you go out whether you have taken everything with you.

Error from @r_sims1


#errordiary I have a voicemail message on my work phone, but can’t remember the PIN to access it. Oops

Error from DuGwyn


I killed my brand new £1200 laptop the first day I brought it into work by:

a) not scanning the memory pen I inserted and,
b) restarting the laptop with the memory pen still attached, then performing a hard shut down in a blind panic because the screen and touchpad started glitching.

Normally a laptop can deal with this sort of human stupidity, but since Windows 8 is only 99.9% stable at the moment, said stupidity equals RIP laptop.

Possible ways to deal with or prevent this error:

a) Don’t bring a brand new laptop into work, you’re just asking for trouble.
b) Throw said laptop out of the window or take a sledgehammer to said laptop (warning this could be damaging to the laptops health).
c) If you have Windows 8 do not take any risks with the software less you find yourself in the 0.1%. Specifically:

(i) Always scan memory pens for corrupt files, viruses and fragments.
(ii) Always remove media (memory pens and disks) before restarting or booting a laptop or computer.
(iii) Don’t hard shut down unless advised to by a computer technician.
(iv) If something goes wrong, and your laptop is still under warranty, call the computer company immediately, you may do more damage trying to fix the problem yourself.
(v) Always backup everything on your system in case you have to restore to factory settings.

I know you’ve probably heard this advice a million times, I know I have, but sods law dictates that the moment you think ‘Oh I can get away without it this time’ is the moment everything goes wrong. You have been warned!

Error from Gwen


I turned up an hour earlier for my class today.( a little more sleep might have done me good). Maybe next time I would really try to relook at my schedule for the next day before I go to bed.

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Hi @anniecoops it’s meant to be #errordiary although #errordinary does suggest that it’s very everyday and ordinary :)) #ourd

Error from FaultyBrains


I struggle with spelling. And because I struggle with spelling, I have a particular tendency to look at a word and think it looks wrong, when actually it is right. Naturally, misspelling words is unprofessional. So I always copy and paste things into word and spellcheck it before I post it on the internet where my spelling mistakes will be immortalised forever.

Error from H


So I’m ashamed to admit I forgot to turn off the hallway, bathroom and kitchen lights in my flat before leaving, and when my flatmate came back from university, she was not happy; she said I needed to be more ‘environmentally friendly’ (first time anyone has criticised me of that, really puts things in a new light- no pun intended!), and she was being dead serious… Though, I have to say, my contract with the landlord is bills inclusive, and hers is not… So really, who made the bigger error eh?

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I forgot to put a ‘.’ in front of my last tweet #errordiary #ourd

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Hay personas que buscan llamar la atención haciendo quedar mal a los demás #errordiary

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RT @enzus: Discovered at the last #wud13 @UXPAUK, #errordiary share your errors & ways to avoid them you can win £90…

Error from @DomFurniss


Friend had the plumbers round to fix the heating. Asked if they wanted a cup of tea, went to make it, forgot there’s no water #errordiary

Error from Gmailabi


I seem to also forget to pay my rent a lot

Error from Gmailabi


I always say ‘like’ in between my words; e.g. “I was on errordiary Like today”. Its very annoying

Error from rjaduthie


Writing an essay on the magnetosphere of Earth requires a lot of talk about “Earth radii”. The distances and location of features of the near-Earth space environment are demarcated by multiples or fractions of this quantity.

If you are talking about stars, you tend to talk about “solar radii” as a quantity of length.

Having just finished an undergraduate degree in astrophysics, writing the aforementioned essay required a lot of tisking and deleting the word “solar” to be replaced by the word “Earth”. The former seemed to trip off my brain and into the word processor, far too easily.

To drum the new phrase into my head, I made a wallpaper for my computer’s desktop with the simple Paint program. It was merely a white background with the words “one Earth radius, many Earth radii” on it. I would see this every time I turned on the computer, and more times when using it. It helped overwrite my brain’s familiarity with “solar radii” as the radii of choice.

This scheme worked so well, that when writing another essay soon after, I found that my spelling of the word “shield” was consistently “sheild”. I did the same trick of putting the correct spelling of word in a desktop image alongside other words spelled similarly (“yield”, “field”) to train my brain to choose the right one.

Error from Dominic Furniss


Just received this email at work, an all-staffer “Repeatedly we have emailed about the state of the fridge. Today, we have had to empty it as it is full of rotten, smelly and some out of date items which are (all) not bagged not labelled. These items are now on the sink counter for you to retrieve, however, please note that they will be binned (due to the smell) if not claimed in the next hour.” There are clear rules about not leaving old food in the fridge and labelling everything that is yours but we end up in this state. We have similar problems with communal areas near my office – it gradually gets in a mess and no one takes responsibility. It drives the people who have ultimately responsibility for these areas mad because the rules are so simple but over time they break down. The dreaded gradual decline of the office communal area and dilution of responsibility. Do others find this too?

Error from beades


i gave a presentation in German on Human Rights and Environmental Law, i mixed up the verbs schießen and scheißen, so instead of saying the Nigerian government shot people, I said they shat on people… I’ve been more careful learning my irregular verbs since!!!

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Only having one card left and not saying Uno #errordiary