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RT @DomFurniss: Kegworth disaster on the news. Pilot turned wrong engine off. Sad, remarkable, errors and lessons learned #errordiary http:…

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Have only just realized “One-a-Day” women’s gummy-bear like vitamins recommend users take 2 per day! #errordiary

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Attempted to use my oyster card last night instead of the security card for the main entrance to my building…

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MT @ninjabetic1: I’ve just walked all the way home from Uni to remember that I drove in this morning and my car is still there! #errordiary

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#errordiary RT @H_S_E: Steel company prosecuted after worker’s injury

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I’m on the way to my friends house, in my car. I have a hands free phone set, so I call my friend to let her know I’m on my way. While the phone rings I do one of my paranoid mental checks where I silently recite the location of my valuables. Phone, money, cards… Suddenly I think, where are my car keys? My friend picks up and, trying to suppress my panic, I tell her that I don’t know where my car keys are. Being a helpful friend she starts to suggest places they might be, my pocket, the floor, maybe I left them at home? Then it hits us … I’m driving.

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I went to shop in Superdrug today. When I reached the till the attendant asked me if I had a loyalty card. After fives minutes of furious excavating in my bag I declared that I indeed had a loyalty card … and handed over a Boots advantage card.

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@roseofwinter gtalk* #autocorrect #errordiary

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“@edyong209: …Because the new neighbours have an *identical* car. Which they parked outside my house. And left unlocked.” #errordiary

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I thought it was Tonbridge and Tonbridge Wells, but actually it’s Tunbridge Wells. Signif for TripAdviser searches :/ #errordiary #mistake

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@DomFurniss For a tragic tale involving multi-faceted errors, search out the 1994 ZD576, Chinook. #ErrorDiary & some

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Kegworth disaster on the news. Pilot turned wrong engine off. Sad, remarkable, errors and lessons learned #errordiary

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Sometimes confusion between @uclic and @ucllc. I & l look the same but aren’t (i & L). #errordiary

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Pantograph ends up lodged in ceiling of a Blackfriars station. (Which uses a third rail.) #errordiary

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@r_sims1 The other pancake error was no streaky bacon – we started cooking it then decided it was off, better than eating it tho #errordiary

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painful day…sliced finger opening a cucumber, scalded little finger making tea, then stood in puddle of water from dishwasher #errordiary

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For the second time I nearly forgot to add cinnamon to pancake mixture. Luckily girlf intervened to save the day #errordiary #slip

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Wet bottoms on NYE!? Unwound all windows on parked car, letting rain in. Apparently holding ‘open’ on key fob does this #pocket #errordiary

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Human error to blame for zoo keeper hurt by zebra at National Zoo, finds inspector via @wusa9 #errordiary

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Probably should have checked my shared office space was open over the Xmas. It isn’t. Oops. #errordiary