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#errordiary did not even notice one was laces and the other slip on

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Received a round with 2 drinks for me… I’m going to have fun getting home! Thanks @domfurniss #errordiary :)

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Just put yogurt in my cup of tea instead of on my granola :-( #errordiary

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Woman accidentally wins a marathon #errordiary

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#errordiary I’m on a roll – lost my car in another car park today (& it was my car this time!)

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#errordiary just deleted an entire folder of emails in Outlook instead of one email…thank goodness for ‘Help’ & recovery info!!!

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Argh, that annoying moment when you accidentally press ‘Reply to all’ #errordiary

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People following GPS onto the runway #errordiary #mistake

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MT “@jwarnette: Website says Beckham poses with elderly fan… Erm that’s Nikki Lauda.” #errordiary

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Apple’s Maps app directs Alaska drivers onto airport taxiway #errordiary

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So far off being able to spell astronaut the first time spell check corrected to ‘astray bait’ #errordiary

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#errordiary #violation MT @BBCSport: Snooker player Stephen Lee banned for 12yrs & fined £40,000 after being found guilty of match-fixing

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#errordiary those moments of panic when you scan the row & can’t see your parked car – & then recall you drove here in your spouse’s car

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Tried to interact with a screenshot of my email #errordiary

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#errordiary RT @schrodingerskit: beautiful journalism failure in the standard but what’s new

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@falkowata Wrong account, sorry. That last tweet was me. #errordiary

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This Sunday we had to make a 30 mile round trip to retrieve a debit card that we had left in the Morrisons supermarket the previous day. We were so engrossed with packing the shopping, collecting the receipts and saying bye that somehow we forgot the card in the payment machine. The process for collecting the card on Sunday was very easy – because the error is so frequent the staff all know the procedures, and have a dedicated folder for cards that are left behind!

I thought we had figured this one out?! I am sure in some shops the receipts aren’t printed until the card has been retrieved from the machine. This means that the checkout process cannot continue and end unless the person has retrieved their card. This is called a forcing function or behaviour-shaping constraint in interaction design i.e. the way the system is designed means that you are forced to do something if you want to continue. Similarly, a cash machine will not give you your cash unless you first retrieve your card from it, this is so cards are not forgotten in the machine. This wasn’t what happened in the Morrisons I was in and so they have lots of errors.


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Left nice hot cup of miso soup on kitchen bench to cool a little. Helpful mother adds milk not realising it is not tea. #errordiary

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#errordiary house fly initiates patient hospital bed transfer

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Exhibition massively underestimates demand for Wallace and Gromit exhibition, resulting in 8hr queues. #errordiary