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Forgot the name of Twitter Fontana for @uclic open evening, so was stuck with what software to use #errordiary

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RT @BrianSJ3: Tepco has simplistic ‘human error’ analysis of recent leak #ergonomics #errordiary – not promising

Error from @sjjgo


Making dough. Meant to halve the recipe. Put in half the flour, but normal amount of water. Result = glue. #errordiary

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Avoid pickpocketing in #London? Check. Lose two Charlie Cards in a row in #Boston? Also check. #errordiary

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@purmj thanks presented by Daniel Kahneman I think Oops thought it was tomorrow night #errordiary will have to catch on iPlayer

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FB friend forgot their purse on shopping trip to Tescos due to handbag change. Guy she knew in another queue paid #errordiary

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FB friend: just waiting for some idiot to book a ticket to Pyongyang when they want to visit PyeongChang #errordiary #WinterOlympics

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Tepco has simplistic ‘human error’ analysis of recent leak #ergonomics #errordiary – not promising

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I did the same just now #errordiary. Happy hols RT @traumagasdoc Balls – forgot to put an out of office reply on my work email. #holiday

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Yes we do #errordiary “@angry_prof: “Every time you make a typo, the errorists win.”” @DomFurniss @sjjgo @oopsohno

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Thought I sent an email 2 days ago, turns out I saved items it was never actually sent. #errordiary

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Listening to music on my mp3 player after a while, trying to change volume on the phone #errordiary

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#Errordiary MT @joseluis_pa Liverpool hospital says sorry after diabetic is given wrong medication #SegPac #Ptsafety

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Shame I won’t be able to catch #Errordiary at #CCS14 on Thurs – I’d like to know more about how to forget less stuff

Error from anna_k


I just went to an event which I thought was on today, but it turns out it’s on NEXT MONTH! I looked at the date countless amounts of times because I was looking at the info page for directions. Despite that, I ended up walking to the venue, only to be perplexed when someone working there told me it was on next month!! :/ big error!

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Left my ID card in a different backpack. Again. *sigh* #errordiary

Error from McPrfctday


Just done something that I’m pretty sure I do more than five times out of ten. Went to the shop with two letters sticking out of my pocket and came home with two letters sticking out of my pocket having passed the post box twice! (The post box is a 30 steps detour). As I go to the shop almost every day, ‘shop’ must take priority in my mind – even when carrying the post in my hand I often post it on the return journey! Solution? … Walk up to the post box every time I go to the shop – with or without post. I wont do that or I’ll be viewed as a village loony even more than normal!

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Hmm: jug of custard and one of hollandaise in the fridge. Hope this isn’t one waiting for an #errordiary entry @ErrordiaryNews

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Olympic Speed Skater Elise Christie DNF as she missed finish line by 1cm. Was it her slip or mistake? Violation for the referees #errordiary

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Ah, so I can _text_ international numbers for free; not _phone_. Oops. #errordiary