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#errordiary MT @lilyallen: RT if you’ve got a mac and everytime you want to do a hashtag you have to google hashtag, then copy and paste

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RT @schrodingerskit: Civil engineers on London’s Victoria line have accidentally flooded a signalling room with concrete.…

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#doc #errordiary 2 tests: left hand 6.8 mmol/L … right hand 3.1 mmol/L WHAT?

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So, this morning’s fire alarm that caused four buildings to be evacuated was allegedly caused by porridge in a microwave.

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2nd time I’ve run across the house naked this week :/ Due to forgetting my towel #prettypicture #luckynooneishome #slip #Errordiary

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#Errordiary ? “@eaamalyon: @bglendenning pics here”

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I frequently start Omnigraffle instead of Skype, due the icons being next to each other.. i never do it the other way #errordiary

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Civil engineers on London’s Victoria line have accidentally flooded a signalling room with concrete. #errordiary

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on monday (20.1.2014) I was so busy getting my daughter’s things ready for school that i forgot my own work bag. Leaving my laptop, broadband dongle etc. at home 68 miles away. Thankfully i had back to back meetings i didn’t need it.

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#errordiary MT @EllieBearBabi i threw out by accident the new tub of milk and kept the empty one ..darn it early morning milk run #babybrain

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#errordiary RT @K_Shreenan: Keep putting my maternity jeans on back to front. Okay then… #babybrain

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#errordiary RT @KaySpotter: Locked out of my house!!!!! #babybrain

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#errordiary RT @OceanBroad: I can’t believe I left my phone at home #stupidme #babybrain

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#errordiary RT @MelodieMae: If I walk into another room and forget why I am there I’m going to put my head in the food blender. #babybrain

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#errordiary MT @RadioJennie: Go to cashpoint- withdraw ÂŁ20- do some shopping- go to pay- no money- must have left it in the machine

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#errordiary #sad RT @DawnHFoster: Boy, 2, dies after mother rushed him to Chase Farm A&E, not knowing it had closed

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#errordiary not to mention how I *always* mistype my name- fingers hit fi instead of if. Have set it up to autocorrect in email now.

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#errordiary scissors have always lived in pot on top of desk, colleague just asked to borrow them and I looked in drawer for them instead.

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Erm, it’s a typo, right? “Two participants had to be executed” #errordiary

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Put my food on the microwave- so I pressed start- washed my hand and realised food was not in the microwave. #hungryman #errordiary