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FB friend locked herself n kids out of house. Spare key holder on holiday. Daughter had to go to gymnastics in boys clothes. #errordiary

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@catalystEd Are you cleaning the roof of your mouth, or your painting equipment? Palate vs palette… #errordiary

Error from @catalystEd


Schoolboy error #23: wine tasting after swimming practice. Chlorine is not a palette cleanser. #errordiary

Error from @JoBrodie


Searching anxiously in my right pocket for the phone I’m reading in my left hand :-) #errordiary

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One for #errordiary :) RT @matthewcobb: Just found myself swiping the (dead tree) newspaper column I was reading. #toomuchipad

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Dalai Lama mistranscribed “If you feel these points are not much relevant – not much interest – then fuck it.” *forget it* #errordiary

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I’ve done it again! I’ve taken my ticket out of my wallet – god only knows why – and left it on my desk. What an utter plonker. #errordiary

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Sent email to colleagues. Forgot to incl link. Sent follow-up w link. Neither appeared – sent 3rd try (w link). All turned up ;) #errordiary

Error from @hqmulerrors


Trying to get into repographics room today (PLEASE WAIT FOR A FEW SECONDS it says) – was flashing my card at the wrong reader?!? #errordiary

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Wearing shorts to swimming pool, and forgetting to take underwear…makes for a uncomfortable cycle home! Soggy commando #errordiary

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RT @theSPELLMONSTER: RT @theSPELLMONSTER: #errordiary just bought 2 bikes on eBay/ defunct email / no messages / ‘won’ item bottom of page -didn’t scroll to …

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Reasons not to work at home after hours – answering home phone with ‘hello, {full name} speaking’! #errordiary

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@DomFurniss Clinicians logging own minor domestic human errors may aid reflection on own fallibility in healthcare-still humans! #errordiary

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#FF @DomFurniss – for something refreshingly different: Dominic’s #errordiary (capturing daily domestic human errors) + website.

Error from @doomninny


Husband left iron on all day. Luckily it is a super advanced futuristic model with auto switch-off. Totally husband-proof. #errordiary

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Also, who knew that putting blueberry juice into the dough makes it a horrible grey colour :S? Luckily flavour is not affected #errordiary

Error from @doomninny


Was making blueberry muffins but forgot to put the blueberries in! Luckily they hadn’t baked yet so only lost a few muffin cases #errordiary

Error from @FryRsquared


Just got my actual head stuck in an actual tube door. Fellow passengers had to yank me out and everything. #errordiary

Error from @oopsohno


The waffle iron didn’t include a “spray with oil” step. I have never felt like such a foreigner in my life. Waffle ruined. #errordiary

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#errordiary just bought 2 bikes on eBay/ defunct email / no messages / ‘won’ item bottom of page -didn’t scroll to see it / bought another!