Error from @r_sims1

#errordiary stain on top. Soaked & washed it, stain gone – celebrated. Realised I was looking at wrong side of top….stain still there :(

Error from @betabetic


Worked out dinner was low-GI, so insulin after. Then got distracted by TV and forgot to take it. #errordiary

Error from Dominic Furniss


A relative of mine was complaining on Facebook as someone had removed a key from her keyring and not put it back! This disrupted her morning so much that she openly cursed the culprit online (we thought it could have been someone else related to the restaurant she manages). She woke her husband up in the early morning hours to help. People on Facebook offered words of advice and support… A little while later she declared on Facebook that the key was on the keyring all along :)). #slip #errordiary

Error from @DrPALaloe


#errordiary MT @MartinBromiley: Simple HF: hairspray & bodyspray cans same look. Wife put hairspray on her chest!

Error from @DomFurniss


On it’s way :) MT @IAmMrsWild Email from @errordiary saying I’d won £10 voucher – accidentally deleted email and can’t find it #errordiary

Error from @DomFurniss


#Errordiary RT @ErgoNews ‘Bank account typo lost my £25,000’
#ergonomics #humanfactors #ux #banking #finance

Error from @falkowata


Put headphones on, started some music and 15 minutes later realised that headphones were not plugged in. Awkward. #errordiary

Error from @jonback


3 year old heart patient died after hospital computer system failed to book followup scan after operation #errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


Left house earlier than usual. Forgot my lunch in the rush. #errordiary

Error from @FaintSignals


#errordiary MT @StevenShorrock …leak at Fukushima: “The real error was starting the programs in the first place.”

Error from @FaintSignals


#errordiary RT @StevenShorrock: Human error cited as cause of massive train delays in Taiwan

Error from @dodopat


Love the BSOD. especially at airports #errordiary

Error from @DomFurniss


Future #Errordiary? RT @WePharmacists: #weph RT @6Oakfield: although not as dangerous this one nearly caught me out

Error from @ErrordiaryNews


Future #Errordiary? RT @Tails_it_is: @IEHFStudents Emergency! Dial 999! #thatsergonomics

Error from @ErrordiaryNews


Future #errordiary? MT @drarcox: Could you design these two products more dangerously? MT @tablet_girl Very worrying!

Error from @DomFurniss


By using #errordiary we try to raise mindfulness of everyday error and raise debate about how ‘normal’ it is #WeExpo

Error from @FaintSignals


Smiling at @SusieCarthy who was rushing around buying pancake stuff as 5th November approached a few years ago :)) #errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


Thought I was buying farm mature cheddar. Actually was buying farm mature Cheshire. #errordiary #errordairy

Error from @BrianSJ3


@ESET stopped a nasty trojan purporting to come from Royal Mail. Thanks. Should have known it was a hoax #errordiary

Error from @miike


My visitor from Austria wanted to ask the guesthouse whether he needed to bring his own bed-clothes; forgot the word ‘bed’. #errordiary