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@FaintSignals #errordiary have a feeling I might have got 2 ‘daddy’ cards for husband from kids…can’t remember :/

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Keep meaning to post friend’s Christmas card but it’s still sitting on the dinning room table as we keep forgetting #errordiary

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Friend received 2 Christmas cards from the same person. They obv forgot they did it n sent another. What sort of error is this? #errordiary

Error from @Anna_bd


Wanted to watch a film in bed but left ipad in lounge and burglar alarm on. Mum has widget to turn it off, but is already asleep #errordiary

Error from Dominic Furniss


Today I received an interesting email from an Errordiary reader, who wanted to report an error, but was concerned about the consequences of doing so. This reminds us that sharing errors takes place in a social and political environment – we need to be mindful of the consequences for: 1) the identities that we try to maintain; and 2) how these disclosures might impact our professional and social relationships. Returning to our fellow Errordiary friend, and we might also infer a cry for help between the lines, s/he writes, “I accidentally got married with children instead of keeping my sanity and disposable income to squander it on booze and strippers.” To set the scene a little better s/he had just been vomited on by their child in an already stressful school run. They thought it prudent not to share this in a publicly identifiable manner, especially around Christmas time which could act as a ‘fly in the ointment’ for the otherwise enjoyable festive season they have planned. Be open, but be careful! #errordiary #vomit #christmas

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Filled out ACM permission release form for #chi2014 for all authors when it should have been just me #oops #errordiary

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Drama unfolding at a house near me: person locked themselves out BUT with keys in the inside lock, so they can’t use the spare! #errordiary

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Mixed up my hyperlinks in the announcement for the Errordiary Persuasive Games Competition… Fixed now after Dom spotted the error – make sure to find out more at:

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@ErrordiaryNews @DomFurniss @BPSOfficial Not sure this counts as an #ErrorDiary error ? I let my wife take me shopping yesterday.

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@DomFurniss TV screen: ch 1,2,3.. top-down; TV remote works oppositely- from ch 2 to 3 press up – never get it right first time #errordiary

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one of these days I will send out an email to, what, 1500 people without making a mistake. this time: undescriptive subject #errordiary

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“@robinince: hey @BBCNews , any chance you can get my name right? #errordiary

Error from Dominic Furniss


This Camelot scratchcard thing about being higher or lower reminds me of some poor mapping on my TV programming system. When searching through channels on the guide I press DOWN to go down pages of the programme guide and the channels get higher and higher in number. When I switch to a TV channel and press DOWN the channels go down in number rather than up. So down is up, and down is down, whilst up is down, and up is up, depending what mode you’re in. #simples #errordiary #mapping

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Is -4 temp higher than -5? Confusing Scratchcard Withdrawn By Camelot due to lots of errors #errordiary

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Just forwarded details of my wife’s Xmas presents to her instead of a train booking confirmation #errordiary

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Arh! Woke up >20, no doubt need a correction later. On train realised 6u left in pen. That’s a low carb Xmas lunch then! #errordiary #ourD

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Bro sent wed invites in post. The ribbon tied round it made it thick enough to warrant extra postage charges for all recipients! #errordiary

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RT @ErrordiaryNews: If #Errordiary had a song it might look something like this… MT @traumagasdoc: Dumb Ways to Die #LTC2013

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Difficult to get the correct spelling of ‘diahoreah’ – initial spelling so far off even spell check doesn’t know what to do #errordiary

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Docs had 2 parts to surgery: primary part went well; secondary part was abandoned – couldn’t get hold of a camera for endoscopy #errordiary