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@textal when’s the app out? I want to try it on #errordiary

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#humanfactors need we say anymore- if there was ever an example of system failure” #errordiary

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Haha… funny! :D RT @abbie_sampson: @DomFurniss think I definitely qualify for the #errordiary today

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@DomFurniss think I definitely qualify for the #errordiary today

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Really interesting discussion on #NTtwitchat. Shame I was somewhere else cos of a typo: #NTtwithcat !? Easily done #errordiary

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Funny that some stranger has organised our delivery for tomorrow! This is an excerpt from an email in response to us asking about our missing package and lack of communication:

“After some digging we’ve found out what’s happened. Unfortunately when your order was entered to the supplier, another customer’s (who ordered at the same time) contact details were inputted on to your order. Therefore, he’s been getting the text messages that were intended for you, to organise delivery. The delivery address is definitely set up as your address, so that isn’t an issue, however he has actually organised your delivery to be tomorrow. I do need to know as soon as possible if tomorrow isn’t any good for you though please?”

Reminds me of a similar mistake in hospital, made when two patients were registered at the same time and received each other’s barcode labels, this confusion nearly led to one receiving a potentially fatal dose of insulin.

McDonald, C. J. 2006. Computerization can create safety hazards: a bar-coding near miss. Annals of Internal Medicine, 144(7), 510-516.


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Bank clerk falls asleep at keyboard, finger on the 2 key and tries to transfer €222billion from account #errordiary

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German Court Rules Failure To Notice 222,222,222.22 Euro Whoopsie Not Grounds For Termination #errordiary

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Apologies in advance to my colleagues and fellow commuters. I think I forgot my deodorant today… #errordiary

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Turned on coffee machine. Made coffee. Drank coffee. Left coffee machine on all afternoon. #coffee #errordiary

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Just told colleagues I was “singing” off on a paper. Those who know me will know that this may not necessarily be a typo. It is #errordiary

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I installed Skype… in Spanish. I think. #errordiary

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RT @DomFurniss: #Errordiary MT @LaurenceVick: Trainee NHS surgeons remove ovary instead of appendix

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#Errordiary MT @LaurenceVick: Trainee NHS surgeons remove ovary instead of appendix

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Highly trained Red Arrow pilot hits the wrong smoke button! Plank by name, plank by nature? #errordiary

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OW MY SKULL. Note to self: you cannot go to bed wearing glasses #errordiary

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You want an #errordiary? How bout every waking minute of my life clearly being me doing something wrong. #stoppickingonme #givemeabreak

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Instructor tells kid to let go on climbing wall. Kid lets go, falls 14ft, breaks heel. #errordiary

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Sent print job to wrong printer. Not surprising, the way the labels are set up #errordiary

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Imported 2k photos from my phone to iPhoto, and then accidentally deleted all of them from the phone. #errordiary