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“@traumagasdoc: The feeling when you get to the station and realise your ID badge is in your other bag. #fail” #errordiary

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#errordiary worries of widespread violations with USAF nuc weapons #safety

Error from @Tony_Mann


Went to open Adobe Photoshop. Found I had opened Adobe Acrobat instead! Cursed, quit, hit start button, opened Acrobat again! #errordiary

Error from @Tony_Mann


Made chilli last night. Thinking all through cooking about how much chilli powder to use. Didn’t put any in. #errordiary

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@Tony_Mann @DomFurniss @GreshamCollege Sadly, I don’t have to practice, to make loads of errors. #ErrorDiary

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@ErrordiaryNews @DomFurniss Well done, but there’s only 1999. #ErrorDiary

Error from @ccidental


Just gave out wrong phone number. Had it for 10ish years but new one for 3years. #oldhabitsdiehard #errordiary

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“@sandersonjones: Email about @SundayAssembly’s progress telling me I’d done a ‘fanatics job’. Not sure if typo or….” #errordiary

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Made lunch, brought it in, didn’t check diary. Having lunch out with colleagues (clearly marked in diary) so did not need lunch #errordiary

Error from @Tony_Mann


Seems my Oyster card won’t open office door. You’d think intelligent card could learn from the keycard it shares my pocket with! #errordiary

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I recall being on the phone to someone, did my 4 point check: keys, wallet, pass, phone… Momentary panic! No phone in pocket!? #errordiary

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#errordiary MT @wilddog: @porksmith I picked up tv remote so I could move a magazine to see if the remote was under it. Had it in my hand

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#errordiary MT @porksmit I do the same thing while crossing Tower Bridge in a taxi – head jerking from side to side looking for Tower Bridge

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#errordiary MT @porksmith: So far I’ve spent most of 2014 watching programmes on my iPad while momentarily panicking as to where my iPad is

Error from Dominic Furniss


“Dear Dr Furniss
Penalty Charge Notice
Thank you for writing to us.
We have cancelled your Penalty Charge Notice after carefully considering what you say.
We agree that your Penalty Charge Notice was incorrectly issued. I am sorry for our mistake and for the inconvenience this has caused you.
Yours sincerely, X”
The parking ticket was issued at 15:20. I had paid up until 14:57. What the traffic warden didn’t notice was that my ticket was for 14:57 the next day so I was covered.

Error from @Anna_bd


Took bus to car park. Then remembered I left car in the other one. Smugness receded. #errordiary

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#errordiary RT @AEGRIS2: Two Recent Wrong-Site Landings & Many Wrong-Side Surgeries #SegPac #Ptsafety

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#Errordiary MT @jimalkhalili some Americans now arguing the recent very cold spell there is proof that global warming is a big con. Sigh…

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Updated post with correct dates (30 Apr – 1 May, not 30 May to 1 Apr!) – oops #errordiary ^JB

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After a long day of literature surveys I needed to make up some solutions whose concentrations I usually measure in milligrams per litre, and somehow began to measure in grams per millilitre.