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At Tesco, one puts coin into the end trolley to remove the chain connecting it to the previous trolley in the stack.  On a couple of occasions recently I have put the coin into that previous trolley expecting it to release the trolley I want.

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#errordiary MT @DrCJohn Never events: England still getting 6 wrong site surgery a month & 10 retained material. [checklists key to helping]

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How much cash would you need to do this?! Owner ‘forgot’ luxury boat for years #errordiary

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#Errordiary MT @jonmbutterworth AAAAGH! But… I quite like that. MT @carllygo: ITV referred to UCL as the University of Central London

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And a 180 degree axial rotation. Research lab experiment (… ) #safemode #errordiary

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My Ha/(S)He/fell research laboratory experiment ( …) #fail #errordiary

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a boat? MT @DomFurniss BBC News – Plane ‘false alarm’ off Gran Canaria #errordiary

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BBC News – Plane ‘false alarm’ off Gran Canaria. Boat mistaken for a plane! #errordiary

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Errr… apologies for the previous whiskey post! Managing multiple Twitter accounts on the iPhone and confused them :/#errordiary #slip

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At a talk, guy takes pics of rare birds, he said Velcro was a big no-no in hides, also wrap sarnies in tissue #errordiary @_ieuan @BTOCarms

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@_ieuan There is an episode of Poirot set in the 1930s with Collared Dove singing in a south coast garden. #errordiary

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Errr…chaffinch singing in the background of Andy’s #dinosaur adventures, were they about in the Jurassic!? #errordiary

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ASDA Price RT @DrAnnaLCox: @JasonElsom Asda customer charged £450 for bread: Customer noticed the error #errordiary

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makeupselfie text errors include DONATE and BEAR instead of BEAT #errordiary

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“That little cylinder light thing, is that yours?” “You mean the torch?” @carlcullinane forgot the word for torch #errordiary

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RT @melissaterras: RT @DomFurniss Thousands make selfie donation error by confusing BEAT, DONATE & BEAR txt messages #errordiary http://t.c

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Whoops! Not a great start to the day! Over correction in the early hours #errordiary

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RT @melissaterras: RT @DomFurniss Thousands make selfie donation error by confusing BEAT, DONATE & BEAR txt messages #errordiary http://t.c

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Reading 2236 from @BrianSJ3 reminded me of a story: friend of mine had his Dad and brother over to help with some internal doors. He had new carpet laid and so the doors no longer shut properly because of the added thickness. His Dad and brother had them off, shaved a good half inch or so off them and put them back up (his Dad muttered something about the handle being put on the wrong side). Puzzled why it almost seemed to make no difference they forced the door shut. Now, with light pouring in the widened gap at the top of the door, they realised the problem. #errordiary