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Lee appeal against 12-year snooker ban fails #violation #errordiary

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#errordiary (2011) Mother dies after hospital typing error sent follow-up letter to wrong address

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Excellent gig so far tonight. Just had a reminder to send your screw-ups to #errordiary

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Nearly forcefully deposited my laptop on the floor because I left my desk, forgetting my headphones were round my neck. #errordiary

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#errordiary MT @SkyAnushka: I like this correction in Guardian- ‘editing error’- assumed a Professor must be a man!!

Error from @mhilde


Lapse (thought enough ice had melted to walk to work w/out crampons) followed by slip (landed on bum, cuts and bruises to hand) #errordiary

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FB user: You know you have a good pair of headphones when they survive being put in the wash – Sennheiser CX300s I love you! #errordiary

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My Ha/(S)He/fell research laboratory experiment ( …) #fail #errordiary

Error from @JoBrodie


Searching anxiously in my right pocket for the phone I’m reading in my left hand :-) #errordiary

Error from alankong2004


It was raining heavily when I was trying to get some cash from the ‘atm’. Therefore, I was willing to find a shelter as soon as I withdraw my cash. And after I went under a roof, I realised that I only got my card but not my cash. It taught me a story: take both your cash and debit card in the same time even thought your debit card come out from the atm first.

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Asked the BF if he wanted some tea. He said he preferred a glass of water instead. 5 minutes later I brought him a cup of tea… #errordiary

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Design error not driver error – should never have been possible RT @spdegabrielle: @errordiary Filled diesel car up with petrol.#ErrorDiary

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Very sad. Perhaps mistake by sheriff framing it as human error rather than 1st and 2nd victims of degraded system…

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The ignition in this rental car is not in the location people expect it to be. #errordiary

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FB friend had a nephew make her a cup of tea at her house, went wrong when he added plain flour instead of sugar! #similarbags #errordiary

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why oh why did @the_finalcutpro decided to import files seamlessly? where is user feedback?!! I have deleted a days footage!! #errordiary

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#errordiary RT @karenyli: Left my phone at home again! I need a checklist pinned to the back of my door!

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Made some tea and then forgot to drink it… #errordiary

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makeupselfie text errors include DONATE and BEAR instead of BEAT #errordiary

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Tried editing a webpage using the browser source window rather than the html editor window opened next to it. #errordiary