Error from @oopsohno


Recently finished taking antibiotic tablets. Just giving the cat her morning food, and her daily tablet. Nearly ate it myself #errordiary

Error from @FaintSignals


No idea why I’ve taken the TV remote control to the loo with me #errordiary

Error from @gusoto


Use #errordiary to share your errors, mistakes and slips.

Error from @susiezhuang


#errordiary RT @leisa: Attempted to pass building security with my Oyster card. Great start to the day.

Error from @ccidental


OH fitted rooftop box to car this morning. This afternoon promptly drove under barrier that was too low & hit it. #errordiary

Error from @DomFurniss


First evidence of animals on – photo of pidgeon impact bathroom window #errordiary

Error from @annblandford


Twice last week, forgot attachments to emails. Both times where I was mentally composing the message before starting to type… #errordiary

Error from @FaintSignals


Found key in office door. Turns out it’s the master key for the whole floor. #errordiary

Error from @DrPALaloe


@RocheDiaUK Aviva Nano quick start guide has wrong instructions for setting clock. Full manual is OK. #errordiary

Error from @doomninny


Came home, got keys out of my bag to open door, then my phone rang. Proceeded to put key to my ear and phone to lock… #errordiary

Error from @kopfnuss


I’m really talented in pushing the soap dispenser, when all I mean to do is operate the touch-less faucet #errordiary

Error from @FatherFantaskis


@Tony_Mann @DomFurniss @GreshamCollege Sadly, I don’t have to practice, to make loads of errors. #ErrorDiary

Error from @errordiary


Wanted to make a call on my mobile. Screen was locked, but instead of typing in the code I started typing in the phone number… #errordiary

Error from @falkowata


My phone’s autocorrect changed ‘mailbox’ into ‘manhood’ and I’ve nearly sent an email saying I’m cleaning mine. Erm. #errordiary

Error from @BrianSJ3


@ESET stopped a nasty trojan purporting to come from Royal Mail. Thanks. Should have known it was a hoax #errordiary

Error from annb


Camping. Getting ready for bed (i.e. sleeping bag). Put hand up to face to remove glasses. They’re not there. Must have taken them off while washing. Walk back to wash block. Not there. Bother: must have left them on table in pub. Too late to check now. Go back to tent; continue getting ready for bed, feeling annoyed. Worm my way into sleeping bag. Take off watch and put into (netting) pocket in tent. Oh: glasses are here! Had obviously taken them off and put them away tidily on “autopilot”…

Error from @JoBrodie


Not *quite* an example of #Errordiary but I had to pay careful attention to this Exit sign recently in Zurich

Error from @DomFurniss


I recall being on the phone to someone, did my 4 point check: keys, wallet, pass, phone… Momentary panic! No phone in pocket!? #errordiary

Error from @BrianSJ3


#errordiary A typo stopped hackers siphoning nearly $1bn out of Bangladesh via @theregister

Error from @DomFurniss


#errordiary RT @DJRyRy919: Landlord accidently said “is anything ok?” rather than “is everything ok”? #slumlord #freudianslip