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Concerning that @USDOTFRA attributes most train accidents to ‘human factor’. Then @BBC

Error from @DomFurniss


Girlf just used Windowlene instead of Dettol surface cleaner in the oven #errordiary

Error from @DomFurniss


San Francisco plane crash: Intern error blamed for naming blunder of Asiana crew on live TV via@Telegraph #errordiary

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I’ve made this error 100s of times: omitting the semicolon after a line of code… (required in some languages but not others)

Error from @doomninny


Forgot to charge my phone two nights in a row, so of course poor phone died right when I needed it… #errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


Made girlfriend flask of tea for work. Didn’t screw down top properly. Leaked and destroyed her students’ school books. #errordiary

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@louisebrady17 Oh the irony… got caught up on Twitter, didn’t notice the time until I was hypo. #ourD #errorDiary

Error from Dominic Furniss


Reading 2236 from @BrianSJ3 reminded me of a story: friend of mine had his Dad and brother over to help with some internal doors. He had new carpet laid and so the doors no longer shut properly because of the added thickness. His Dad and brother had them off, shaved a good half inch or so off them and put them back up (his Dad muttered something about the handle being put on the wrong side). Puzzled why it almost seemed to make no difference they forced the door shut. Now, with light pouring in the widened gap at the top of the door, they realised the problem. #errordiary

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From FB friend. Good for your #errordairy “tried to type my pin number into the microwave this morning via @TomE140 #errordiary

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One for the #ErrorDiary

Error from @errordiary


Needed to take some food home from work. Reminded myself when putting on coat, but then walked straight past fridge and forgot #errordiary

Error from gingdoterrordiary


Brought my wife’s laptop to work. doh. having to recreate a partial working environment – as thats a better option than catching the bus home and back agian.

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#2: Couldn’t figure out why automatic picture mode didn’t work.Turns out I misread the mode dial: used the wrong indicator arrow #errordiary

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@StevenShorrock Paging/Jingling: @DomFurniss @errordiary #errordiary

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Friend forgot to put flour in the second batch of pancake mix last night. Very omelette-y pancakes were made before we noticed. #errordiary

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@wlasinclair @DomFurniss @DrCJohn Even better if trolley chassis were same colour as notices ? Bit like the Red CA trolley ? #ErrorDiary

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When reporting an IV drug error on @DatixUK , my colleague put their own address & DOB instead of the patient’s. #errordiary

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Used tfl site to work out how to get from Uni to the cinema. Put home postcode rather than uni. Thought it looked a little quick #errordiary

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RT @oopsohno: Human error may have invented an island #errordiary

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