Error from @MedsManPharm


RT @a8dessus: Psychology of human error & resilience strategies – #errordiary intro by @DomFurniss. Game is 1 of few places you can fail sa…

Error from @dodopat


Oh dear! Just tried to unlock my card with staff card. #errordiary #autopilot #longday

Error from @scsharples


And to cap it all, went to a hospital appointment. Right time, right location but wrong day #errordiary

Error from @CharleneJennett


@falkowata doh!!! I forgot to attach the link to my tweet #errordiary

Error from @sjjgo


Went to tube station. Had taken ticket out of wallet and put on desk earlier (for no reason). Return to office required. #errordiary

Error from @DrGetafix


Took me longer than it should’ve to work out what this heading meant. I read TRUMP as a noun rather than a verb. Wh…

Error from @ccidental


Wrote research post on kids blog instead of my research blog. And then forgot #errordiary when tweeting

Error from @FaintSignals


Played hockey after work… forgot to pack clean boxer shorts for after

Error from @falkowata


x on the left, .tex on the right. Every time I try to close a tab, I click the x on the right -_-” #errordiary

Error from @GristC


TIL: A 4kV pulse through my flat coil may create an EMP that causes my multi-meter to stop measuring accurately. :/ #errordiary

Error from @JoBrodie


A nice #Errordiary thread :)

Error from @HFmatters

3717 Whoops. #errordiary #aviation

Error from @iancrew


To elaborate a bit: it make it way too easy to tap on the wrong icon and launch the wrong app. #errordiary

Error from @DrPALaloe


Had a meeting on ward J54 today. Went to ward J45 instead… #errordiary #dyslexia

Error from @DomFurniss


Award ceremony never events? High pressure, confusing artefacts, confirmation bias, miscommunication, poor teamwork…

Error from @Nonam212


Went to shop to buy butter. Bought milk and only remembered butter half way home (didn’t even need milk) #errordiary

Error from @dbpharrison


Completely forgot about the KCL UCL varsity rugby match tomorrow- left my SLR at home & staying in London tonight. #errordiary

Error from @DomFurniss


My beautiful Errordiary poster with over 100 of my errors has been forgotten on the train :,( #theirony #errordiary #chfg

Error from @chi_med


By 22-11 May I do of course mean 21-22 May! Patient Safety Congress is ideal for those who don’t wish to time-travel :) #errordiary ^JB

Error from Dominic Furniss


I am hosting a webinar on 12 March 1-2.30pm EST. We advertised this at the end of February and checked the GMT times which were 6-7.30pm. We didn’t know EST changes to EDT on second Sunday in March meaning there is only a 4hr time difference rather than 5hrs, so the webinar is actually 5-6.30pm GMT. At the end of March GMT changes to BST meaning that we go back to 5hrs difference and not 4hrs, so there is only a short window where we are 4hrs apart and not 5. #errordiary #mistake