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Happy #EdBallsday! One for #errordiary I think.

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Put my glasses on and then washed my face. Nothing wakes you up better than a surprise. #errordiary

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From Facebook User: “thinks she got out of bed too early this morning – based on the fact that she poured cereal into a mug” #errordiary

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RT @a8dessus: Psychology of human error & resilience strategies – #errordiary intro by @DomFurniss. Game is 1 of few places you can fail sa…

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I just typed this into my computet “to err is yuman” :o)

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Sad #errordiary cc @chi_med RT @ukiehf: Woman died after organ op mix-up

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Ten lovely number related errors #errordiary

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Comedian misses gig after town mix-up, he went to Hereford 150 miles from Hertford #errordiary

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Having not run for a month I’m completely out of the routine so promptly forgot my water bottle this eve. Jogging: Hard mode. #errordiary

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Close one… wife recalled #fitbit in her trouser pocket just before we put the washing machine in #errordiary

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In one hand: hair ties and clips to be put in jewellery box; in the other: an old train ticket. Everything ended up in the bin. #errordiary

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22yr old #driver’s text released before #crash as warning for others #errordiary #sad

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I’m transcribing an interview from my mp3 player but when I wanted to rewind I was really confused why Media Player wasn’t open. #errordiary

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It happened again!! For some absurd reason I seem to think my osyter card will open all doors, including office. #errordiary

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Mixed up my hyperlinks in the announcement for the Errordiary Persuasive Games Competition… Fixed now after Dom spotted the error – make sure to find out more at:

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Give me an A no an O #errordiary MT @Ed_Miliband: Sad to hear Bob Holness died. A generation will remember him from Blackbusters

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Police spent over £60,000 on fixing police cars which have been filled with an incorrect type of fuel. #Errordiary

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Hot cross buns no bakey under grill :(. I turn it up but still nothing. Turns out I was controlling oven instead #errordiary

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Trying to sort out things in October and September at the same time. Got confused and ended up with dates that don’t exist. #errordiary

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Shopped at Sainsbury’s. Asked for cashback at the checkout, only to receive a really weird look. I was paying by cash. #errordiary