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    Saw this link a few weeks ago:

    Some of these are really fun – I especially like number 3 about the nutella :)

    It made me wonder are any of these resilience strategies??



    and ha look at that – a typing error in my forum post title! 😛




    Ha, they are brilliant!

    The Nutella one reminded me that every time I’m cooking and I’m using a sauce from a jar, after I empty the jar I put meat or vegetables into it and stir everything to make sure there’s no sauce left.



    There’s an interesting thread on Reddit about remembering medication:

    Lots of people share their methods, I like this one:

    “I store all the pills in one bottle, and a week’s supply in the other bottle. I take one pill from the week bottle every day. On Sunday, when I have taken the last pill from the week bottle, I put 7 more from the other bottle in there.

    This way, if I wonder whether I took it, I simply think about what day it is and then see if I had taken my pill that day based on how many are left. It works really well.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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